The roguelike or roguelite isn't as recognisable a genre as the shoot-'em-up or the RPG. In fact, it's not really a genre at all.

Still, roguelike and roguelite games have been hugely influential in recent years. So what on Earth do we mean by 'roguelike' and 'roguelite'?

They both nod to the 1980 dungeon crawler Rogue, which introduced the twin concepts of randomised levels and perma-death (as in, only one life) to gamers.

To be a roguelike means to be a spiritual successor to that game, with the same kind of strategic turn-based combat system and ethos. To be roguelite means to draw inspiration from Rogue, but to splice its defining attributes with other genres and mechanics.

It's a subtle and hazy difference, and arguments will abound over which games belong in either category. All we know is that the following roguesomethingorothers have provided some of the most memorable Android experiences of recent times.