Updated February 27, 2020: New entries added

RPGs are one thing, but JRPGs are a completely different chest of loot altogether.

Many of the core components can be found in all kinds of role playing game - 'J' or otherwise. Hit points, dungeons, swords, magic, dragons, amnesiac heroes - all are common elements in the wider RPG pool.

But that 'J' heralds in a bunch of unique tropes and traditions. It stands for Japanese, of course, and our friends from the East have a unique way with epic adventure games.

Whether you're talking about a distinct artistic style - all spiky hair and improbably sized swords - or a certain kind of over-the-top characterisation, the JRPG sub-genre has ha attracted its own dedicated following quite apart from its Western cousin.

The works of Square Enix have played a major part in this, of course, with the likes of the Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest franchises proving hugely influential. Both series are heavily represented in the following list.

Starting out on console, you can now find a vast selection of JRPG hits on iOS. Whether it's a faithful port or a bold original, playing a 100 hour epic on the train is now a blissful reality.

We've sought to balance Square Enix's formidable influence out with other mobile JRPG efforts in the following list. It wasn't easy, but we think there'll be something here to appeal to the adventurer in all of you.

Is your favourite JRPG missing? That's a distinct possibility - we've had to leave loads of stone cold classics off. Let everyone know what you'd have included in the comments below.