Updated December 30 , 2020: New entries added

What's a JRPG, exactly? If we're spelling things out, it's a Japanese Role Playing Game. But it needn't necessarily have been made in Japan.

Rather, the JRPG signifies a particular style of RPG that originally sprung out from the Land of the Rising Sun. In games such as the original Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest (not to mention their countless sequels), the template was set of expressive anime characters, deep and often turn-based battle systems, and storylines filled with melodrama and high intrigue.

On mobile, the JRPG has continued its considerable popularity, but with new strains attracting a fresh audience (and alienating die-hards, it must be said).

To that end, the following top 25 list contains classic JRPG ports alongside mobile-focused and somewhat divisive fare. We can't promise that you'll like every single selection on this list - it's far too diverse for that - but we doing think there's a game here that will suit anyone looking to embark on a joyous adventure.

Happy questing.