Updated September 23, 2020: New entries added

Japanese developers have placed such a distinctive spin on the RPG genre, they have collectively earned the country its own sub-genre: the JRPG.

So what goes into making and defining a JRPG? You might think that a natural starting point would be that a game is made in Japan. But that's no longer strictly the case.

So iconic are the traits of a typical JRPG, that plenty of developers from outside of Japan have taken to incorporating them.

Some of those traits might include a distinctive anime-influenced art style, melodramatic storylines, spiky haired amnesiac protagonists, steam punk universes, ridiculously large bladed weapons, OTT special attacks, and much more besides.

More important, but less easy to define, is a general spirit that all good JRPGs possess - and a fair few mediocre ones too.

All of the following games have that intangible JRPG sensation about them. On mobile, the genre has received an unexpected new life, with classic ports sitting alongside mobile-specific creations.