Updated May 21, 2021: New entries added

There are RPGs, and then there are JRPGs. Japan's take on the West-spawned genre is just as obsessed with hit points and deep fantasy lore, but it applies a unique swagger and sensibility to proceedings.

JRPGs routinely give you outlandish characters, often with spiky hair and amnesia, and perhaps even a ridiculously large sword.

OK, we're just describing Cloud from Final Fantasy VII. But we could also be talking about dozens of other JRPG heroes.

Alongside the seminal (and seemingly interminable) Final Fantasy franchise, several other JRPG IPs have left their mark. Dragon Quest is beloved by many, as are the SaGa and Monster Hunter games.

The great thing is that you can now play all of those big-hitting franchises right here on your iPhone or iPad. And there are a bunch of completely fresh JRPGs to discover too, both on Apple Arcade and the wider App Store.

We've had to leave a whole bunch of iOS JRPGs off the following list, so do let us know about your own personal favourites in the comments section below.