Updated August 1, 2019: New entries added

If you're a gamer of a certain vintage, you probably won't associate the platformer with the smartphone. These nimble, acrobatic delights benefit hugely from the precision of physical controls.

Of course, if you came of age in the smartphone era (post-2007), you might not think of the platformer in that way at all. In the past decade or so we've seen the rise and rise of the autorunner, which streamlines the platformer for touchscreen devices

The following list of mobile platforming greats isn't merely a rundown of casual endless runners and mindless screen-tappers though. A number of developers have figured out how to make deeper platforming fare sing on smartphones and tablets.

Whether they're 2D, 3D, or something in between, we've picked out 25 outstanding Android platformers. Don't agree with our selection? Then let us know your favourites in the comments below.