Updated May 2, 2021: New platform games added

A particularly tiresome strand of gamers used to look down their nose at smartphone gaming. Many still do.

Their argument (or one of them at least) was that you couldn't squeeze classic genres only tiny touchscreen devices. It was a fair point - right up until it wasn't.

Take the platformer genre, for example. Can there be any better example of traditional gaming? Mario games rely on deft, reliable controls to pull off their varied acrobatics. Sonic games are just too darned fast to be left to the vagueries of touchscreen control.

But mobile developers found a way to make it work. Through clever adaptation, automation, and enhancement, they started to create platformers that felt like they belonged on an Android device.

We're not going to say that some of the following 25 games wouldn't work better with a physical set of controls. But even that's an option these days, as it's easy peasy to pair a Bluetooth controller.

What we're saying is that the best mobile platformers are a joy to play on mobile, and some of them even (whisper it) play better on mobile than they do on console.

Have we left your favourite Android platformer off our list? Let us know in the comments section below.