Super Mario Run: Tips and things to do in the Mushroom Kingdom

Super Mario Run: Tips and things to do in the Mushroom Kingdom

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Super Mario Run is almost exactly what it sounds like. It's an endless runner where you run and collect coins as Mario and other legendary characters. Princess Peach has invited you to a party, but of course, as soon as she does, everyone's favorite turtle villain, Bowser kidnaps her (again).

So, you know what that means. Time to save her again, but on mobile phones. You have a few different game modes to choose from, starting with Tour mode. Think of Tour as your story mode. This is where your journey to save Peach begins.

There are numerous levels to explore and the game plays a bit like a blend of classic Mario and Sonic platforming games. It's all about running and jumping your way to victory. It's one of those games that you can play with just one hand, adding to its simplicity. It's a fun game with a couple of different things to do and we'll talk about that as well as tips for your runs. Whether you are playing on the iOS version, or on the Android one, these tips should help you get going in no time.

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Grab everything

Arguably the most important aspect of Super Mario Run is collecting as many items as you possibly can on each level. Coins make up most of the things in each location, but there are other things hidden about too. Plus, by grabbing coins, you'll be able to make purchases to help restore the kingdom. 

You might run into tickets too, which we'll talk about later, but they help give you access to something else int he game. The best way to earn these is by collecting purple coins that you will see on each level. They can be tricky to snatch since they sometimes catch you off guard. 

On top of that, there are only five of them in each area, so you have limited opportunities to get them. You need to have all five in order to get the tickets. So, in short, pay close attention to everything as you go. If you're going to send Mario on an adventure, you might as well make him get stuff for you, right? 

Take advantage of jumping

The jumping in Super Mario Run is different from other endless running games. In most, you tap for a quick and hold for a longer jump. In this game, there is a meter that pops up, that will show you how high you can go. Filling up the meter will give you the highest of jumps. 

It's important to be judgemental of your jump timing, as there are certain platforms that need to be reached at greater heights. Not to mention, it's a good idea to try and avoid overjumping items and coins and it can easily happen by mistake. This, especially for the purple coins. 

Some levels will also have come traps so you need to be extra mindful in your jump power. Mario can kill most enemies, but there are some are just trap oriented and can't be hit. So master the art of the jump. Who else better to master that with than with a guy whose name was "Jumpman"?

Check out Rally

Rally mode is where the online component of the game really comes in. It's a fun one where you compete against other players' runs. The goal is to not only collect more coins than your opponents but try to gain fans along the way. 

You can do this by collecting items and showing off your jumping skills. When you do, you start to gain a number of Toad's friends as fans. There's a meter that you can fill that is used a "super" of sorts and lets you earn more coins than normal. 

You can build this up by making good jumps, collecting coins, etc. And by grabbing even more coins with the super ability, you'll gain more fans. Whoever has the most fans at the end of their run the match. It's a fun little mode if you want to enjoy some competition. So get out there, jog in place to warm up, and get those fans. 

Say hi to Remix 10

Think of this mode like a rapid-fire, run & gun type of deal. Your goal is to go through 10 super short levels in order to save Princess Daisy (yes, you must help Luigi's girl too). You need to collect 30 special coins on your journey in order to complete your goal. 

What's fun about this mode is that it gives you a nice blend of different levels to run through. You'll appreciate the variety and change of pace on the fly. Sometimes you will even switch to a different character. It certainly can be challenging at times too since you need to have 30 of the special items. 

And with the levels being so short, the items might be a blur when you run past. Just don't overthink things and you'll be alright. Just take in the fact that it's fun to play, and there's never a dull moment. And yes, you can still play with only one hand. 


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