Updated March 7, 2021: Wording reworked

Racing games are no longer the preserve of the dingy arcade. You can now get all the automotive action you need from your humble iPhone or iPad.

We say 'automotive', but of course, a racer doesn't need to involve cars these days. As long as there's some form of a competitive dash to the finish, it's a racing game.

With those parameters in mind, the mobile racing game scene is a rich and varied thing. We've got side-scrolling foot racers, classic console kart racers, high-octane arcade racers, technical simulators, and much more.

We've included a little smidgen of everything in our latest top 25 racer round-up. As you'll no doubt notice, we've also left a fair few big hitters off our list, so if your favourite is missing, do share with us in the comments section. You can never have too many recommendations.

And if you couldn't care less about racing games? We still think you'll get some kicks out of some of the games on this list. If you like any of them, head out to App Store and download it!