Updated May 22, 2020: New entries added

It used to be that you had to head to a sweaty arcade parlour if you wanted to play a proper racing game. Now you just need an iPhone or iPad.

There's way more range to the racing genre on iOS, too. Yes, it can do graphically rich arcade racers. But it can also handle kart racers, simulators, racing management games, and loads of weird spliced efforts that exist in the spaces in between.

We've included a bit of everything here in our top 25 round-up. We've also left a lot of very good games off this list, so if your favourite is nowhere to be found, let us know in the comments section

And if you couldn't care less about racing games? We still think you'll get some kicks out of some of the games on this list. They're just that diverse and intuitive.

Have we left your favourite racer off the list? Let us know in the comments below.