Updated August 31, 2020: New entries added

Nothing lets you vent your frustrations quite like a good fighting game. Beating up virtual goons acts as a handy stand-in for the kind of real world violence most of us are unwilling to partake in.

There are so many glorious ways to introduce digital fist (or foot, or weapon) to digital face, too. Especially on Android.

The Google Play Store now plays host to old school scrolling brawlers, one on one beat-'em-ups, and a whole bunch of vibrant hybrids. The latter might stir in elements of the endless runner, dungeon crawling RPGs, or management games.

We've tried to include a broad swathe of fighting games in the following best of list. Whatever form of digital violence you're into, you should be well represented.

If not, do let us know which Android fighting games you like to play in the comments below.