Updated December 2, 2019: New entries added

Fancy a scrap? No, of course you don't. Most of us would curl up in a ball or scarper at the first sign of physical confrontation.

But digital combat? Yes please. We'll dish out the virtual fisticuffs all day long if given the opportunity.

The beat 'em up genre has a rich and storied history. From garish scrolling brawlers to technical one-on-one contests, there are a range of ways to introduce your virtual fist to an opponent's jaw.

Those options have only increased with the arrival of smartphones. Suddenly there's a whole now tactile and portable way to bash digital skulls.

The list before you has a level of variety you might found surprising. Not all of the classic beat 'em up rules have been followed here. But each game celebrates unarmed combat to some degree.

Is your favourite Android fighting game missing from this list? Let us know in the comments section.