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Streets of Rage 4 trophy guide

Streets of Rage 4 trophy guide

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Looking for a complete walkthrough of Street of Rage 4 trophies? You have landed on the right page! We will be providing an in-depth guide for obtaining each trophy in DotEmu’s popular side-scrolling beat-em-up title Streets of Rage 4.

All trophies in Street of Rage 4

Trophies are one of the major achievements in games like Street of Rage 4 as they promote competitiveness and collectability both. Players can express their prowess over the game by flashing the shiny trophies they have collected over time through their sheer skill and expertise. Streets of Rage 4 has 4 different types of trophies that are ranked according to their difficulty and segregated according to their colour. The trophies available in Streets of Rage 4 are as follows:

  • Bronze trophies (total – 19)
  • Silver trophies (total – 15)
  • Gold trophies (total – 3)
  • Platinum trophies (total – 1)

A majority of these trophies can be acquired offline simply by playing Streets of Rage 4 under different conditions. For players who do not know, Streets of Rage 4 has different difficulties of the base maps that can be played and cleared individually. Anybody who is a fan of the Streets of Rage series understands the hardships faced by players trying to collect all trophies for the game. This guide will provide the best possible ways for players to collect all trophies available in a step-by-step walkthrough method. Of course, players would still need to hone their skills and do the needful by themselves.

Here is how to obtain every Trophy in Streets of Rage 4

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In this first path of the walkthrough, we recommend players complete the story mode of Streets of Rage 4 as soon as possible. Players can use any of the 4 starter characters – Axel, Blaze, Cherry, or Floyd. Do not waste your time picking any 1 of them as they all are quite equal. Play the main story on easy mode for a fast clear. As you clear the story stages, Adam will be unlocked along the way. 1 or 2 more characters can also be unlocked by completing their required lifetime score. You won’t be able to complete all the trophy requirements in this part, but you can dedicate your time to learning the gameplay mechanics and micro-managing the crowds/enemies. In the future, players will experience much tougher situations, for which this Stage provides the experience and builds the base for the next part.

Here are the trophies players will be able to earn after completing Part 1 -

  • All Clear: Axel/ All Clear: Blaze/ All Clear: Cherry/ All Clear: Floyd (Bronze Trophy)
  • Combo Pro (Bronze Trophy)
  • Combo Expert (Bronze Trophy)
  • Birth of the Cool (Bronze Trophy)
  • Eating off the Ground (Bronze Trophy)
  • THIS IS WOOD OAK CITY!!! (Bronze Trophy)
  • Life's a Struggle (Bronze Trophy)
  • It's Chilly in Here (Bronze Trophy)
  • Dude, My Car! (Bronze Trophy)
  • Wasted Wine (Bronze Trophy)
  • Walk on Foot (Bronze Trophy)
  • Demolition Man (Bronze Trophy)
  • Collateral Damage (Bronze Trophy)
  • An Elegant Death (Bronze Trophy)
  • Broke My Toy (Bronze Trophy)
  • Throwback (Bronze Trophy and Silver Trophy)
  • Family Reunion (Bronze Trophy and Silver Trophy)
  • Miss Me? (Bronze Trophy and Silver Trophy)
  • Dojo Master (Bronze Trophy and Silver Trophy)
  • Snap Out of It (Bronze Trophy and Silver Trophy)
  • Old-Schooled (Bronze Trophy and Silver Trophy)


Clearing the Arcade mode on hard difficulty is possibly going to be the most challenging aspect in your journey to collect all trophies. Especially if you are a new player, we recommend choosing any of the 4 starter characters and using them to clear the Arcade mode on hard mode. This will increase your expertise of the character while also exposing you to the highest form of difficulty the game has to throw at you. Next, go clear the story mode on Hard difficulty which is going to be much easier after the previous task. Just focus on the enemy's actions and learn how to tackle them with your character’s abilities.

Here are the trophies players will be able to earn after completing Part 2 –

  • All Clear: Axel/ All Clear: Blaze/ All Clear: Cherry/ All Clear: Floyd (Silver Trophy)
  • Combo Pro (Silver Trophy)
  • 100 Yen (Gold Trophy)


The Maniac trophy is the hardest trophy players will work for, period. If you thought clearing the Arcade mode on Hard difficulty was the toughest aspect, you were wrong. In this part, you will have to clear each level of the Story mode and earn an “S” rank on each of them. For players who do not know the requirements, S-rank is awarded factoring in different conditions such as the Health of enemies remaining, the clear time of the stage, the number of stars collected, and the final score you obtained. The majority of the stages will provide you with an S-rank if you achieve a very high score.

Here are the trophies players will be able to earn after completing Part 3 –

  • Stage Mastery (Silver Trophy)
  • Maniac (Gold Trophy)


Players now need to clear the story mode with all the characters except the ones that they already used to clear the story mode. Boot up the Story mode and beat all stages with the remaining characters whom you have not obtained any trophy for. This will most likely exclude the likes of Adam, and the 4 starter characters presented to you by the game. The additional characters will include those from previous games such as Streets of Rage 1, Streets of Rage 2, and Streets of Rage 3. Although not that difficult, the true difficulty will be the amount of time spent playing to gain Lifetime Score for unlocking all characters.

Here are the trophies players will be able to earn after completing Part 4 –

  • All Clear: Axel (Silver Trophy)
  • All Clear: Blaze (Silver Trophy)
  • All Clear: Cherry (Silver Trophy)
  • All Clear: Floyd (Silver Trophy)
  • All Clear: Adam (Silver Trophy)
  • All Clear: SOR1 (Silver Trophy)
  • All Clear: SOR2 (Silver Trophy)
  • All Clear: SOR3 (Silver Trophy)
  • Somebody Call the Cops! (Gold Trophy and Bronze Trophy)


This is the last part on our road to getting to the Platinum trophy. In this part, we demand the players need to reach a total of 5 million lifetime score. We recommend cleaning up on each story stage with your best possible character to maximize the score gained. Stage 12 on Hard mode can be one of the best stages for this trophy as players can get an average of over 40,000 points per run. As usual, it can be time-consuming, so make sure you are playing your best character in the stage whose mechanics you are most accustomed to.

Here are the trophies players will be able to earn after completing Part 5 –

  • Oops (Gold Trophy)
  • Perfect (Silver Trophy)
  • All too Easy (Silver Trophy)
  • Bleeding Knuckles (Gold Trophy)
  • My Work Here is Done (PlatinumTrophy)
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