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Waven tier list - One list to rule them all

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Waven tier list - One list to rule them all

These cartoonish characters can cause a lot of headaches when you start comparing them by their power. Waven tier list will relieve you of those troubles.

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Updated on June 13th, 2024 - Version: 0.17.0

Waven is a blend of adventure and turn-based RPG. As in every traditional RPG, you can equip various items of different rarities to your character and upgrade them. But here's the twist. When it comes to your skills, there's a deckbuilding mechanic in place that allows you to further customize your character and come up with your own unique playstyle and strategy.

Waven features a plethora of classes and characters. You can find our complete Waven tier list right here, as we rank every available character in the game. The best ones are placed on the top of our list (SS-Tier), while the worst ones go to the bottom (D-Tier). Read below to find out everything that you need to know about the current metagame!

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SS Tier

Waven character with icy hands and a sword made of ice
Name Class
Flamboyant Kasai Iop
Hioplite Paladir lop
Arcarius Paladir Cra
Brutal Fairblade Iop
Varaclus Blade Eniripsa

The best characters in the current metagame are right here, at the top of the Waven tier list for a reason. If you have them, you are lucky as they can make your gaming experience a lot easier in pretty much every mode. You can say that are a bit overpowered.

Flamboyant Kasai is an excellent DPS hero. His class passive allows him to get +1 Sword Aura of the same element when he applies an elemental state to his opponents.

S Tier

Glaive Stalaktoss character holding a huge glaive
Name Class
Shiru Shaden Cra
Sicarius Paladin Sram
Glaive Stalaktoss Iop
Scalpel Apostruker Eniripsa
Astramantis lop
Bouvalor Orok Iop

S-Tier characters are excellent and can tackle everything the game has to offer. With that said, they are not as overpowered as the ones ranked above them. But still, incredibly strong! Glaive Stalaktoss for example could even be placed in SS-Tier. At the end of the turn, he confers dephasing until the end of the next turn if he has attacked at least one opponent. He's a staple in many meta builds/

A Tier

Blondie splitting into two
Name Class
Amber Tamashi Eniripsa
Blunderbust Cra
Ken Kartana Sram
Jikan Sandiaton Xelor

In Waven, many characters are viable. It's just a matter of how fast they can clear content compared to others. So, A-Tier includes characters that are above average. Amber Tamashi is a really great choice for example. Her class passive gives you the ability to add one Nocturian to your hand at the start of your turn.

B Tier

Girl in winter coat holding a bow with arrow
Name Class
Spectral Armabladegeddon lop
Koroko Brush Eniripsa
Okus Piktus Paladir Eniripsa
Pikuxala Hand Xelor
Tako Synchronizater Xelor
Premium Catalyst Xelor
Gurpapa Regulator Xelor

B-Tier characters are considered to be somewhat middle of the pack. With that said, if you like one of these characters, you can find success. It just won't be as fast as if you were using some of the characters ranked in the above tiers. Tako Synchronizater adds your unused AP to the reserve at the end of your turn.

C Tier

Brutal Fairblade with a green background
Name Class
Dephasing Gem Eniripsa
Piven Bow Cra
Orishi Shears Sram
Buneblade Cra
Surokan Shiv Sram
Shugen Flayer Sram

C-Tier characters are not in the best state currently as they are considered to be below average. It's best if you can avoid them, but with that said, Waven offers you the ability to make anything work. Surokan Shiv, thanks to his class passive adds the Surokan Sliptrap to your hand after he attacks.

D Tier

Waven Mage casting a water spell
Name Class
Amurai Blade Sram
Zandiezer Zo Cra

Even though I said that pretty much every character in Waven is viable, D-Tier ones are not. At least currently. So it's best to avoid them as you have so many other options to go with. Maybe a future update will give these characters some much-needed buffs. Until then, we find them at the bottom of our list.

So, that's all we had for our Waven tier list. Keep in mind that new updates might bring nerfs or buffs to certain characters! Make sure to check back on this page from time to time to stay up-to-date with the latest Waven power rankings!
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