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Warcraft Rumble minis tier list

Warcraft Rumble minis tier list

Ranking all minies is not easy, but we have sorted them by their power on this tier list for Warcraft Rumble.

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Updated on April 3rd, 2024Version: 4.21.0 (Season 2) - Latest Addition: Witch Doctor

Welcome to the world of Warcraft Rumble, where epic battles between heroes and villains take place! In this game, players assemble teams of iconic Warcraft characters (aka minis) and engage in strategic combat. As the battles intensify, it becomes crucial to know the strengths and abilities of each character to secure victory.

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To help you navigate through the vast selection of minis available in Warcraft Rumble, we've created a comprehensive Warcraft Rumble minis tier list. This article divides the characters into different tiers based on their overall power levels and effectiveness in battle, starting from S-Tier which includes the best minis in the current metagame, all the way down to D-Tier.

Tiers are a reflection of a mini's value within the game. Minis in higher tiers are generally considered superior due to their better stats, abilities, and synergies. On the other hand, minis in lower tiers may lack certain essential qualities or struggle to contribute significantly to a team's success.

For new players:

Before we go any further it's important to note that no tier list is absolute. Factors such as team composition, individual playstyle, and personal preferences can influence the effectiveness of a character. Additionally, game updates and balancing changes can impact the characters' tier placement over time.

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S rank minies

Name Faction Type
Harpies Beast Squad
Blackrock Pyromancer Blackrock AoE
Witch Doctor Horde AoE
Quilboar Beast Single-Target
Huntress Alliance AoE
Stonehoof Tauren Horde Single-Target
S.A.F.E. Pilot Alliance AoE
Drake Blackrock AoE
Whelp Eggs Blackrock Squad
S-Tier minis are the best in the game due to their stats, abilities and synergies. You will find them in many top teams as they almost guarantee victory. Blackrock Pyromancer is arguably one of the best minis currently. He's a ranged AoE mini that deals elemental damage which makes him very strong against armoured minis. He does need some kind of frontline though. Drake is a mini that you will find in almost every deck that features Rend Blackhand as the leader. A very strong flying mini that deals elemental area damage and can also summon eggs and defend structures.

A rank minies

Name Faction Type
Meat Wagon Undead AoE
Earth Elemental Blackrock Single-Target
Raptors Beast Squad
Flamewaker Blackrock AoE
Firehammer Blackrock Single-Target
Bat Rider Horde AoE
Abomination Undead AoE
Frostwolf Shaman Horde Single-Target
Necromancer Undead Single-Target
Prowler Beast Single-Target
Defias Bandits Alliance Squad
Deep Breath Blackrock AoE
A-Tier minis can be very strong especially when they are used as complementary pieces in teams with S-Tier ones. Frostwolf Shaman for example is a staple in many Tirion Fordring decks as they can keep friendly units alive with their healing. Meat Wagon is one of the better siege minis currently as it can even outrange enemy towers.

B rank minies

Name Faction Type
Harvest Golem Alliance Single-Target
Darkspear Troll Horde Single-Target
Skeleton Party Undead Squad
Worgen Alliance Single-Target
Gargoyle Undead Single-Target
Ogre Mage Horde AoE
Dark Iron Miner Blackrock Single-Target
Mountaineer Alliance Squad
Gryphon Rider Alliance Single-Target
Gnoll Brute Beast AoE
Goblin Sapper Horde Squad
Plague Farmer Undead AoE
Murloc Tidehunters Beast Squad
Core Hounds Blackrock Squad
Banshee Undead Single-Target
Holy Nova Alliance Spell/AoE
Blizzard Alliance Spell/AoE
Chain Lightning Horde Spell/AoE
B-Tier includes minis that are solid enough to see play in various teams. Maybe not necessarily top teams but good enough to get you through various campaign zones. Holy Nova is a spell that is often used in combination with Tirion Fordring due to the healing and area damage it provides. Skeleton Party sees play in decks that utilize swarm tactics.

C rank minies

Name Faction Type
Warsong Grunts Horde Squad
Spiderlings Beast Squad
Ghoul Undead Single-Target
Fire Elemental Blackrock AoE
Footmen Alliance Squad
Skeletons Undead Squad
Warsong Raider Horde Single-Target
Vultures Beast Squad
Cheat Death Undead AoE
Polymorph Beast AoE
Execute Horde AoE
C-Tier tier minis are not terrible options but certainly below-average.

Minis like Skeletons or Footmen can help you out during the early stages of the game. They are also somewhat good additions in certain decks that aim to swarm the enemy with minis occupying multiple lanes. Be mindful before you spend your gold on any of these minis.

D rank minies

Name Faction Type
Angry Chickens Beasts Squad
Molten Giant Blackrock Single-Target
Smoke Bomb Blackrock Spell/AoE
Arcane Blast Alliance Spell/AoE
Living Bomb Blackrock Spell/AoE
D-Tier tier minis are simply in a bad place right now. Avoid investing gold in them for the time being. Maybe future updates and new character releases will make them viable. Until then, they are considered to be the worst minis in Warcraft Arclight

These are the most powerful minies in Warcraft Rumble. Of course, you will have to combine them with the best leaders in the game to get the most out of each one.

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