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Puzzles & Chaos redeem codes (November 2023)

Get fantastic rewards like speedups, EXP and in-game diamonds

Puzzles & Chaos redeem codes (November 2023)
Updated on November 28, 2023 - Added a new code

Puzzles and Chaos Frozen Castle is an entertaining match-three game with RPG elements. It tells the story of an ancient Frozen Land in which you must awaken the dragon and overcome various obstacles along the path.

You would require numerous items to progress further inside the title, and one of the ways to receive them would be by utilizing the different codes the developers have been releasing. These specific redeem codes for Puzzles and Chaos can provide several freebies which can benefit you. 

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Working Puzzles and Chaos Frozen Castle codes

The Puzzles and Chaos Frozen Castle codes can provide you with free items like Diamonds and other benefits that can be pretty valuable. The following is the only working redeem code for the game:

  • THANKFUL23 - Freebies
  • PUZZLEWEEN - Freebies
  • PNCGO: 1000x Diamond Chest + Build Speedup 10-min + Research Speedup 10-min + Training Speedup 10-min + 100-EXP Potion

Since codes can expire after a certain period of time, you must try utilizing this one as soon as possible to get the associated items. Following its expiry, you cannot claim the relevant rewards.

Expired codes

There are currently no expired redeem codes for Puzzles and Chaos.

How to use Puzzles and Chaos redeem codes?

Screenshot in the game where you can redeem codes for Puzzles and Chaos

You can easily accomplish the procedure of redeeming the codes inside Puzzles and Chaos. Listed below are the detailed steps that can help you achieve the same:

  • Step 1: Get started by opening Puzzles and Chaos Frozen Castle on your mobile device.
  • Step 2: After the game boots up, access your profile section by clicking on the icon present in the top-left corner.
  • Step 3: Next, tap the “Settings” option and select the “Redeem Code” button. A dialogue box will emerge on the screen.
  • Step 4: You may finally insert the code inside the text field and tap on the “Confirm” button. You will receive the rewards directly into your accounts if the redemption succeeds.

However, if you type an incorrect code, the message “Wrong redeem code, try again” will appear on the screen.

Original article by Nishant Thakkar, updated by Sumant Meena
Nishant Thakkar
Nishant Thakkar
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