Three Kingdoms Tempest is an action-RPG game set in the tumultuous warring states period, out now

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Three Kingdoms Tempest is an action-RPG game set in the tumultuous warring states period, out now
  • Three Kingdoms Tempest is a new game out now for Google Play and the iOS App Store
  • Battle it out with some of the most famous figures from the Three Kingdoms period
  • What's it got to offer? Let's take a look!

Three Kingdoms Tempest is a new action-roleplaying game covering the tumultuous warring states period of Chinese history, out now for the iOS App Store and Google Play. Admittedly not the most innovative-looking game, Three Kingdoms Tempest still looks to offer functional, competent gameplay. Although, that may depend on your tolerance for auto-battling RPGs.

If you're wondering exactly why a lot of Chinese RPGs seem to model themselves on the Three Kingdoms period, it's actually quite interesting. Often known as the 'Warring States' period, this era followed the dissolution of the Han Dynasty when ancient China split into three broad states. During this time, which is partially romanticised and shrouded in speculation, many famous and bordering fantastical warriors fought to unify China.

So, no surprise that this time period is so popular for games to be set in.

What is united must divide A large collection of character portraits for the game Three Kingdoms Tempest

While we're always loathe to levy accusations of AI usage, it's certainly hard to ignore the somewhat...interesting art style for Three Kingdom Tempest's 2D assets. It's a shame as well because outside of that the game's 3D art is perfectly functional. Still, it looks as if the gameplay is competently done, so we're hopeful this game will still find some appreciation from enjoyers of action-roleplaying games and idle battlers.

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