Aether Gazer's new update Night Parade of the Beasts is out now

Take on mysterious new foes freshly awakened to plague the Capital

Aether Gazer's new update Night Parade of the Beasts is out now
  • Aether Gazer's newest update has just hit storefronts
  • Duke it out with mysterious monsters in Night Parade of the Beasts
  • Be sure to leverage your new modifier to your advantage to fight off these monsters

Aether Gazer, the action role-playing game from developer Yongshi, has released its newest update titled "Night Parade of the Beasts". Introducing chapter 16 to the main storyline, Night Parade of the Beasts also introduces a new S-grade modifier and more to the game.

Night Parade of the Beasts sees a horde of mysterious monsters surge towards the lower capital district, while mysterious deities long dormant in the forests begin to awaken. As you can see from the trailer below, things aren't looking good, and you'll need to make use of new ultimate skillchains and sigils to stem the tide of monsters.

Fortunately, you'll also have a new S-grade modifier, So-ei - Kuramitsuha, on your side to help out. Despite hating cold, Kuramitsuha wields powerful divine frost magic. Hailing from Sasanami's Shimogyou District, Kuramitsuha inflicts ice damage and reduces enemy resistance to that damage type, letting you wear your enemies down.


The beast in me
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It seems as if a lot of action role-playing games are taking a dip into horror nowadays. Torchlight: Infinite for example unveiled their Whispering Mist season which offers an eldritch flair to proceedings. But for those who're tired of cheerful and saccharine storylines, the turn to something a little more creepy is quite welcome. Still, Night Parade of the Beasts is set to offer fresh challenges for even the most veteran Aether Gazer player.

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