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Defense Derby coupon codes (September 2023)

Defense Derby coupon codes (September 2023)
Updated on September 26, 2023 - Checked for new codes

Defense Derby is a recently launched betting royale from the makers of PUBG. As usual, these games have coupon codes that you can use to grab some free rewards. We've tested out all the available Defense Derby codes and compiled them.

You can use these Defense Derby coupon codes for free gems, cards, and more. We'll also regularly update our list with new Defense Derby codes when they are released, so remember to bookmark this page and come back often to grab more freebies.

If DD is not the only game you're playing at the moment, you'll be overjoyed to know we have War Thunder Mobile codes that you can use, and Brixity codes which are brimming with active codes that you can use.

Working Defense Derby coupon codes

  • HANRYANGLOL2 - free sticker (Valid till September 30)
  • HANRYANGBAIT2 - free sticker (Valid till September 30)
  • KIMUKAMSA2 - Thanks sticker (Valid till September 30)
  • KIMUBUYWHY2 - Why sticker (Valid till September 30)
  • KEVINGREAT2 - Haha sticker (Valid till September 30)
  • KEVINMANG2 - uh-oh sticker (Valid till September 30)
  • BDRGCLASS - 3,000 Gold, 10,000 Elixir, and 1,000 Cubics
  • SPECIALGIFT - 200 Gems
  • ENJOYDD - 3,000 Gold, 1,000 Elixir, and 1,000 Cubics
  • HIMEMOLDAN - 200 Gems, 1,000 Elixir, and 1,000 Gold
  • DDLAUNCH - 600 gems (Valid till January 1, 2024)

Expired codes

  • DDCAFE5000B
  • DDCAFE5000A
  • MMDDD22
  • DDxGGBB528

How do you use the Defense Derby coupon codes?

Screenshot of the official website where you can redeem coupon codes for Defense Derby

New to the game? Don't worry, follow these steps to redeem your Defense Derby coupon codes:

  • Step 1: Launch Defense Derby on your Android or iOS device
  • Step 2: Click on your profile from the top left
  • Step 3: Copy your account ID and head to the redemption website
  • Step 4: Enter your ID and any of the Defense Derby coupon codes from above
  • Step 5: Click on the redeem button
  • Step 6: Go back to the game and collect your freebies.

How to get more codes?

You can track new Defense Derby codes from the game's Facebook page or Discord server. The other option is to bookmark this page and check back often to get new Defense Derby codes.

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