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One Punch Man - The Strongest - Tier list of the best heroes

One Punch Man - The Strongest - Tier list of the best heroes

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Updated on April 15th, 2024 - Version: 1.4.9 - Latest addition: [Mega Extreme] Bengpu, [Mega Awakened] Boros

In our One Punch Man - The Strongest tier list, we have ranked each hero currently available in the game at the time of global launch. The tier list is separated into different tiers, with the highest being “S” and the lowest tier being “D”.

Here, you will find every hero currently available to be summoned and collected in One Punch Man - The Strongest, ranked according to different factors that we have used to rank every hero. Each character in the game is different from one another and has a distinct play style. Players can take reference from the rankings in the tier list to decide whether they want to invest their scarce resources into a particular hero or not.

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In One Punch Man - The Strongest, players can summon their favourite heroes using the Recruit system which uses the familiar gacha system. Every hero in the game is given a base rarity and a specific role. The game offers a wide variety of collectable heroes, each with its own set of skills and abilities. Here are all the rarities of characters you'll find in the game:

  • SSR Heroes - The highest rarity of heroes available. They have some of the best stats and abilities.
  • SR Heroes - The second highest rarity of heroes available after SSR. These characters have average base stats and their abilities are too. They aren’t necessarily bad but not top-tier.
  • R Heroes - The lowest rarity. They are not desired and should be avoided due to their low base stats and low-value abilities.

In the One Punch Man - The Strongest tier list, we will be ranking all the heroes by their base stats, abilities, and their usage in the different areas of content available in the game. Naturally, the SSR heroes will be present at the top of the tier list while the R heroes will be present at the bottom tiers.

Do not worry if your favourite hero in One Punch Man – The Strongest is not available in the tier list right now. The game is still fairly new and was recently launched globally. We will make sure to add new heroes as they are released while adjusting the tier list in case any balance changes occur. Make sure to bookmark this page and re-visit in future for the updated versions of the tier list.

Without further ado, click on the big blue button to view the tier list for One Punch Man - The Strongest!

Original article by Harsh Paliwal.Updated by Mihail Katsoris.
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S Tier Heroes

[Mega Awakened] Boros UR
[Mega Extreme] Bengpu UR
Child Emperor SSR
Carnage Kabuto SSR
Terrible Tornado UR
[Extreme] Puri-puri Prisoner SSR+
[Extreme] Superalloy Darkshine SSR+
Drive Knight SSR+
Gouketsu SSR+
Garou SSR
Silverfang SSR
Metal Bat SSR

The heroes included in this tier are some of the strongest available. Both Child Emperor and Carnage Kabuto have the best base stats and godly ultimate abilities, making them even greater than other SSR rarity heroes. Players can add these two heroes to their roster without blinking an eye due to their superior stats and usability in any game mode. Child Emperor has one of the highest damage multipliers on his EX ability that can stun one enemy and applies a stackable buff of Berserk to all allies. In the berserk state, all allies will gain increased damage and HP. Berserk allies will also recover their energy at a faster rate.

Carnage Kabuto, on the other hand, is a great Tank for your team and should be placed on the middle row 1st column to absorb as much incoming damage as possible. His EX ability lets him reflect a certain percentage of the damage he receives, making him beneficial in long fights.

A Tier Heroes

Deep Sea King SSR
Atomic Samurai SSR
Golden Ball SR
[Unparalleled] Zombieman SSR+
Amai Mask SR
Terrible Tornado SSR
Metal Knight SR
Speed-o'-Sound Sonic SR
Gouketsu SR
Suiryu SSR
[Awaken] Groribas SSR
Watchdog Man SR
Flashy Flash SR

The heroes included in the A-tier are still some of the best in One Punch Man – The Strongest. Players can invest their resources without thinking much about them as they are still easily some of the best heroes available. They possess excellent base stats along with AoE-targeted abilities that can help players in any game mode. Make sure to put heroes like Terrible Tornado who is quite squishy in the back line to avoid excessive damage. Planning the positioning of heroes also goes a long way to winning battles.

Out of the above heroes, Terrible Tornado packs some solid punches with an AoE-targeted attack that applies the weaken effect on all enemies if it lands as a critical hit. Amai Mask is one of the best heroes to use if targeting the squishy back line targets as his skills specialize in dealing single targeted damage to enemies in the back row. Golden Ball is more of a mix of both single target and AOE-target abilities. He’s essential in combos that require Shattering the bosses due to his EX Skill that requires low energy and can be spammed every round.

B Tier Heroes

Vaccine Man SSR
Psykos SSR
King SSR
Eyesight SSR
Tank Top Master SSR
Puri-Puri Prisoner SSR
Subterranean King SSR
Superalloy Blockluster SSR
Monsterized Choze SSR
Geryuganshoop SSR
Zombieman SSR
Superalloy Darkshine SSR

In this tier of heroes, players will be surprised to see many SSR rarity heroes. However, they are present in this tier because of their lackluster abilities and low damage multipliers that make them very average to use. A majority of these heroes are still usable if you’re at a new-mid game stage in your journey. Players can choose to invest resources into these heroes depending on their other options and their roster requirement.

Tank Top Master can be easily bumped to A tier if his damage multipliers were increased a bit. He can increase the tenacity of all allies and attack enemies in a single targeted column. Subterranean King is an amazing addition to PvE-based team compositions due to his AOE-targeted burn skill that applies a Burn debuff on enemies. Superalloy Blackluster is a great tank that can be placed in the middle of the front row to block incoming damage as he gains damage reduction for a few rounds using his EX skill.

C Tier Heroes

Spring Mustachio SR
Beast King SR
Doctor Genus SR
Blue Fire SR
Mosquito Girl SR
Beast King SR
Spring Mustachio SR
Smile Man SR

All of the heroes in this tier are very sub-par and should be avoided. They have very poor abilities that are not worth your investment. Players can replace them with stronger heroes from the higher tiers after breaking out from the early stages of the game.

Beast King, in this tier, can be used up to mid-game due to his strong row-targeted damaging skills. He also can inflict the Injury debuff that disrupts the enemy's healing capabilities for a few rounds. Smile Man is also a weird hero that can be used with healers like Doctor Genus. His ability to share received heals with allies is a great touch. However, his damage output and healing output are just not worth justifying his spot in the team at later stages of the game.

D Tier Heroes

Genos SR
Hellish Blizzard SR
Choze SR
Bakuzan SR

All of the heroes at the bottom of the tier list are pretty much useless. They have low base stats, weak abilities with low damage multipliers, and synergize with no other heroes. Most of them, like Genos and Hellish Blizzard, are given for free at the start of the game. These heroes can be replaced with better ones after you finish the tutorial or the initial main story chapters. Now that you know all about the best characters, go a step further, and check out a couple of active One Punch Man - The Strongest codes that will certainly be of assistance, especially if you're a new player.

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