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Neural Cloud tier list - all the girls ranked

Neural Cloud tier list - all the girls ranked

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Updated on November 27th, 2023 -  Version 1.5.0,

There are various unique characters in Neural Cloud. Developers regularly add new heroes to this video game, so players everywhere have decided to divide them between tiers. Using a Neural Cloud tier list allows you to choose the best Neural Cloud character for the right role.

Of course, remember that the game balance changes from time to time. Therefore, make sure to check this article every so often since we'll update it every month.


The foremost thing you should know is that there are 5 types of characters in Neural Cloud: Medics, Fighters, Snipers, Guardians, and Specialists. Every kind of character is unique and requires a different approach to use it effectively. So, there are four separate tier lists for every class in this video game.

Every tier includes five ranks: S, A, B, C, and SP. Continue reading the guide to learn more about every Tier in Neural Cloud.

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Tier S

In Tier S, we have the most popular and influential girls in Neural Cloud. They are universal and can be used for different purposes. Moreover, girls from Tier S are incredibly straightforward. Therefore, even beginners can use them effectively.

Tier A

In Tier A, we have pretty powerful characters that can be used effectively even in the end game. The only difference is that they are slightly more situational than Tier S girls. But the advantage is that it is easier to obtain Tier A girls than Tier S ones.

Tier B

Girls from Tier B are still powerful but only in the game’s early stages. You can even level up them to make them potent. But while doing so, remember that you should replace them with some higher-tier girls as soon as possible.

Tier C

Girls in Tier C are only recommended to use if you are a beginner. The only way to make them playable is to make significant investments in improving their power.

Tier SP

This is probably the most exciting Tier in Neural Cloud. In this tier, girls are powerful only in certain situations. Therefore, having them in your collection is a good idea, even though you will only use them occasionally.

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Medics tier list

Name Tier Description
Florence S This is a mighty girl who can turn her high DPS into healing her team members.
Nanaka S Nanaka is potent AoE helaer. Also, this girl provides powerful buffs for the entire team.
Persica S Persica is one of a few healers who can restore 100% of health points to team members. Moreover, she has powerful skills allowing her to impact CDR reset a lot.
Helix A -
Gin B This medic has the highest number of health points in Neural Cloud. Her main disadvantage is that her other stats are not as good as her HP.
Imhotep B Imhotep is a powerful AoE healer that can be combined with DPS healers to reach the perfect synergy.
Jessie B Jessie is used as a solo healer, and she brings unique buffs. This character is the best healer in the early phases of the game.
De Lacey B -
Persicaria B -
Panakeia C Panakeia is the only RNG healer in Neural Cloud, but it doesn't make her powerful.
Choco C Choco is the first healer you will unlock in Neural Cloud, and she is the worst healer in the game, putting her at the very bottom of the Neural Cloud tier list.

In conclusion, the Neural Cloud tier list is formed differently than with other video games as there are 5 unique tiers for every class in the game. Evaluating characters in this way allows you to estimate which girls are powerful. Also, while you're here, make sure to check out what you can expect from Neural Cloud!

Warriors tier list

Girl Tier Description
Vee SP Vee is the only ranged fighter in Neural Cloud. Also, remember that she is versatile, so you can try to use her in various situations.
Sol SP Sol is a powerful fighter who will provide you with easy free kills. The only disadvantage is that she is suitable only for story mode.
Aki S Aki is the most powerful girl in Neural Cloud. She can boast extremely significant crit damage. And to reach the best result, you can boost her using other girls.
Fern S Fern is the best hero for killing front enemies. Also, she can easily control crowds of enemies.
Chelsea A Chelsea is a pretty potent Fighter in Neural Cloud. The only disadvantage is that her skills are specific. Therefore, she can't be combined with all characters on the boards.
Jiangyu A -
Nascita A -
Betty A One of the main features of Betty is that she perfectly synergizes with other fighters. Also, she has high DPS, allowing her to be effective even in the late game.
Magnhilda A -
Centaureissi B Centraureissi is the worst character in Neural Cloud. Even though she has unique knockbacks, her stats are not powerful enough to put her in a higher tier.

Snipers tier list

Girl Tier Description
Clukay S
Hubble S Hubble is an AoE Sniper that can deal the best damage. Also, her attack speed is pretty fast, making Hubble the most potent sniper in Neural Cloud.
Earhart S The best crit-damage hero in the game. You need to use the appropriate team to empower Earhart's abilities, though.
Zangyin S -
Twigs A Twigs is an AoE sniper that can deal a lot of damage to multiple targets. She is pretty complex, though, so she's suitable only for skilled players.
Simo S As well as Lam, Simo has high DPS, but her skills maximise this DPS better, making Simo a Tier S character.
Lam A Lam is always targeting the enemies with the highest HP. Also, she has a maximum DPS rate. Unfortunately, she's not suitable for when you're up against a tonne of small enemies.
Max A Max has high attack speed and significant damage, making her the best front-line hero in Neural Cloud. But her skills aim her at solo gameplay, making her less potent than Tier S heroes.
Octogen B A complex character with balanced stats.
Daiyan B
Fresnel B Fresnel is a good sniper with balanced stats and skills. But it would be best to replace her as soon as possible.
Kuro C
Chanzhi C
Uranus C

Guards tier list

Girl Tier Description
Yanny SP Yanny can pull off a backline enemy. It is a good skill, but it is suitable only for some in-game situations.
Evelyn S Evelyn has a good damage reduction and an extremely high number of health points. Therefore, it is the best anti-melee tank in the game.
Croque S Croque has a unique ability of self-healing. Also, she has reusable taunts, making her the best tank against snipers.
Bonee A Bonee has a powerful shield, allowing her to deal much damage. Also, she can stack shields, increasing her defensive potential.
Clotho A -
Millau A -.
Python A Python is a great guardian with powerful stats.
Zion B Zion has powerful skills, but her stats are too low. Therefore, it would be best to replace her as soon as possible.
Souchun B Souchun is a powerful guardian with balanced stats.
Hatsuchiri B

Specialists tier list

Name Tier Description
Sueyoi S Sueyoi is a Specialist who can deal true damage and debuff the enemies.
Sakuya S Sakuya is the most potent specialist in Neural cloud. She can deal with AoE damage combined with a bleed effect, which is an extremely powerful ability.
Nora S -
Turing S -
Angela S Angela is a specialist that works on empowering your team. She significantly reduces the CD of your team, making it more effective.
Rise S Rise has one of the most powerful buffs in Neural Cloud. The only disadvantage of this hero is that she lacks DMG and other important stats.
Banxsy S Banxsy is the most powerful damage dealer among specialists. Even though Banksy is the last Tier S hero, he still remains one of the most powerful heroes in this game.
Mai A Mai is a potent hero that deals AoE damage with a blind effect. The only disadvantage is that she requires investment to work on full power.
Dushevnaya A Tier A Specialist with powerful stats, but she constantly lacks additional abilities.
Hannah A -
Antonina A Antonina has a universal CC ability; the only disadvantage is that she has low DMG.
Willow A -
Puzzle A -
Abigail C Abigail provides your team with perfect buffs, but he has a low attack range making it unsuitable for professional gameplay.
Groove C The only feature of Groove is that he has the perfect ability to dodge. But other starts should be better.
Ksenia D An average unit with no specific features. That is why it is in a low position on this list.

In conclusion, the Neural Cloud tier list is formed differently than with other video games as there are 5 unique tiers for every class in the game. Evaluating characters in this way allows you to estimate which girls are powerful. Also, while you're here, make sure to check out what you can expect from Neural Cloud!

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