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Dislyte Tier List - The best characters ranked

Dislyte Tier List - The best characters ranked

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Updated on May 15th, 2024 - Version: - Latest Addition: Fu Shi (Suan Ni) - Upcoming: Chu Yao (Taiyi)

If you want a complete Dislyte tier list featuring the best characters in the game, look no further. Today, we'll do exactly that, and give you a very clear idea of what each Esper is capable of.

At the end of the list, we'll talk about something arguably more important - how each Esper can be upgraded and leveled up, and subsequently how you can increase their maximum star.

Dislyte tier list breakdown

In this tier list, you'll find only the most important characters in the game. Since not all espers are worth upgrading to 6-star (and level 60), we will mention mostly characters 3-star and above. The 2-star Espers can be used as advanced materials, so we won't mention them at all.

At the very top, in the SS tier, you can find some of the absolute best characters. They are in a league of their own, and so far they're unrivalled. Underneath, you'll have an S-tier, where equally good units will be placed. They are not SS because they are not that overpowered, but regardless, they're units worth adding to the team.

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Moving lower into the list, we have units that are semi-viable in the A-tier, quickly followed by the B-tier ones, where you have average Espers. In the C-tier and D-tier, you have units that I wouldn't bother too much with. I would advise investing in units above tier A only since resources can be pretty scarce at times.

That being said, let's cut straight to the chase and dive into our Dislyte tier list.

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SS Tier

Some of the characters in Dislyte stand out from the rest. They are viable in both PvP and PvE, and have been known to be able to single-handedly (almost) carry games. If you are lucky enough to obtain some of the best characters in Dislyte, then make sure you give them your best equipment - many of them are basically in a league of their own.

  • Toland (Tezcatlipoca)
  • Valeria (Quetzalcoatl)
  • Ginny (Hestia)
  • Mateo (Prometheus)
  • Yamato (Izanagi)
  • Fatum Sisters (Nornir)
  • Leora (Athena)
  • Elaine (Nyx)
  • Gaius (Zeus)
  • Yuuhime (Izanami)
  • Sally (Sif)
  • Feng Nuxi (Nuwa)
  • Lin Xiao (White Tiger)
  • Gabrielle (Njord)
  • Unas (Shu)
  • Everett (Tyr)
  • Ahmed (Geb)
  • Lucas (Apollo)
  • Clara (Hera)
  • Brewster (Garmr)
  • Ashley (Heimdall)
  • Ophelia (Thanatos)
  • Ife (Meretseger)

Sally - another outstanding support esper in Dislyte, Sally can dispel debuffs and heal like none other. Furthermore, she has amazing buffs such as DMG reduction and ATK increase, which make her an amazing choice for much of the game's content.
Lin Xiao - she's an outstanding, top-tier DPS that can be deployed in any team, is easy to gear up and can clear most content in Dislyte without much hassle. She can boost her crit rate, decrease the enemy's DEF, AP, SPD and even inflict Bleed.
Gabrielle - one of the best (if not the single best) support esper in Dislyte. Included in her kit are immunity for allies, DEF increase, as well as ATK and DEF decrease for enemies. She also has a high default SPD, allowing her to attack more often.
Unas - a truly God tier esper, he is extremely fast and versatile, and most cases, if built well, he can deal two attacks before the enemy has a chance to attack once. He also gains SPD each time an opponent makes a move, so that makes him a must-have for pretty much any type of instance or content, and that's why he is at the very top of Dislyte tier list.
Ahmed - an incredible unit that can reduce the cooldowns of the teammates, as well as provide great healing and ATK buffs. Ahmed can fit into most teams, and he is one of the newer units added to the game, but one that cannot be overlooked.
Lucas - obtainable by clearing the Spatial Tower, Lucas is an incredible esper that offers AoE stun, enemy AP decrease and self AP boost. His speed is also pretty good, allowing him to cycle through his abilities at a relatively fast pace.
Clara - one of the best support espers in Dislyte at the moment, Clara has the ability to heal allies as well as remove 2 debuffs from her team, or grant immunity if there are no debuffs to remove. She also transforms all extra health received from extra healing into shields, which makes her one of the best units to have as support.
Ophelia - a new DPS esper able to inflict powerful attacks, debuffing enemies and inflicting Bleed. Her damage increases based on the number of debuffs an enemy has, so if she's placed in the right team, she can be a monster. With her continuous attacks, she will strike a target, and if that target dies during the attack, she will instead direct those attacks toward another opponent.

S Tier

Although they are not at the very top of the Dislyte tier list, these characters are exceptional, and while they aren't as OP as the ones in SS-tier, they can be equally viable. Some can even be considered SS in certain instances, as mentioned. I'd strongly suggest you invest in them since they can reliably help you pass most PvE stages and even win tons of PvP battles.

Just keep in mind that while they might not be extremely easy to obtain (just like it is the case with the SS Tier ones), they will require significantly less investment to become usable. In other words, if you get the following Espers, make them as strong as you can!

  • Farrah (Abzu & Tiamat)
  • Lian (Jiao Tu)
  • Su Jue (Da Ji)
  • Fu Shi (Suan Ni)
  • Javid (Shamash)
  • Hailey (Hephaestus)
  • Xuan Pin (Jiutian Xuannu)
  • Jin-Hee (Dokkaebi)
  • Koharu (Ame-no-Uzume)
  • Embla (Ymir)
  • Yu Ran (Bai Ze)
  • Intisar (Kauket)
  • Camille (Hati)
  • Abigail (Frigga)
  • Nick (Magni)
  • Zora (Amunet)
  • Asenath (Nefertem)
  • Cang Ji (Cang Jie)
  • Sienna (Gaia)
  • Hilda (Hypnos)
  • Yun Chuan (Yang Jian)
  • Melanie (Medusa)
  • Jin Yuyao (Queen Mother)
  • Raven (Odin) - SS for PvP
  • Hyde (Hades) - SS for PvP
  • Triki (Loki) - SS for PvP
  • Catherine (Hela) - SS for PvP
  • Narmer (Ra) - SS for PvP
  • Donar (Thor)
  • Sander (Set)
  • Lu Yi (Dayi)
  • Cecilia (Isis)
  • Li Ling (Nezha)
  • Fabrice (Freyr)
  • Alice (Gullveig)
  • Jiang Jiuli (Chiyou)

Asenath - decent Support for any team, has damage reduction and AP increase which facilitates her ability to heal allies a lot faster.
Sienna - powerful support that offers various buffs, including ATK, SPD and AP increase, but also a massive debuff that can deem the opponents powerless. She has a chance to reduce the enemies' AP to 0 then inflicting stun, so that's always something to be aware of when facing Sienna.
Melanie - she can reduce the enemy's AP by quite a lot, and when paired with other AP-reducing espers, that can truly ruin an opponent's day. When picked as Captain, the player will also gain first move, which can be detrimental to setting the pace of the battle.
Jin Yuyao - a support esper able to transfer CC and completely ruin the day of any disabler in the game. She needs a lot of SPD to be top tier, but that can be achieved through relics and furhter enhancing the unit.
Raven - The Queen of Dispells herself, Raven, has a designated spot in any Point War team. She will need a lot of buffs to be really viable, but she can also do a lot on her own. Her DEF debuff is so strong that if you use a powerful DPS esper after she's applied her debuffs, chances are the enemy affected will be dead in less than a second.
Hyde - he's a DPS unit that is pretty difficult to master, especially by newer players since he gains more power the more buffs and debuffs are applied to him (or when an ally dies), but he must also be able to live through all of them. Once he passes a certain threshold, he is a monster.
Triki - in Point War, Triki is almost unparalleled. He will cause the enemies to miss by inflicting Miss Rate Up, while also removing their buffs and dealing 30% of their HP with a 100% chance.
Catherine - a truly great character for Point War, she can dispel debuffs and boost the team's AP based on the amount of buffs she dispelled. She has multiple uses, but most players prefer to use Catherine in Point War.
Narmer - currently one of the best DPS units in Dislyte, he is a great esper to build your team around. Once Narmer stacks up the Burning Sun buff 5 times, he will ignore 40% of the enemy's DEF, which will obliterate any opponent.
Donar - he's a good unit with an amazing defensive kit. Donar has a passive that boosts his DEF, as well as skills that further increase that and even immunity to top it all off. In Point War, he works great, as long as he's not countered by Biondina and other units that ignore defenses.
Sander - his Captain ability offers the team a whopping 25% SPD, which pairs really well with his entire kit. He can do great single target damage, multi attacks, as well as inflict various debuffs and CC. Sander's power scales up with both his SPD and ATK, so it's not difficult to see why he's such a great pick most of the time.
Lu Yi - overall great damage dealer, although a little bit random. Lu Yi randomly attacks 9 times consecutively and has a chance to inflict bleeding and deal true damage, which makes him one of the best choices when battling Fafnir.
Cecilia - while she is a great Legendary esper, she is not easy to play around, since her entire kit revolves around reviving allies and granting shields, but it all comes with long cooldowns and low SPD. If you can team her up with other espers that reduce the cooldown, she can be a good, decent tier unit for most teams.
Li Ling - amazing unit to reroll for at the beginning, Li Ling is a good esper for most of the game's content. He has the ability to decrease the AP and Max HP of the enemy, and inlifct a great deal of damage.
Fabrice - a top tier support in Dislyte, Fabrice can offer allies immunity and one designated ally Invincibility while also boosting their ATK and AP. He's a great overall unit for any game mode, and pairs well with most other espers in the game.
Alice - another powerful support, Alice can extend the length of buffs applied to allies, making her a great choice for some specific teams and instances.
Jiang Jiuli - this character basically wants to fight you until you're unable to resist his flurry of attacks any longer. He becomes stronger the more damage he takes, being a pretty decent front line. He is also able to "avoid" death for the first time, turning into a demon and attacking the opponents instead.

A Tier

Espers that fall short behind the S and land into the A tier are decent units that can be great in certain scenarios but could be slightly worse in others. For example, you have some units that can be S-tier in PvP, but because their skills and effects aren't as great in PvE, they're not as good overall. Regardless, you can't go wrong with upgrading them.

  • Adrina (Chantico)
  • Alolin (Pazuzu)
  • Norah (Muse)
  • Zhong Nan (Zhong Kui)
  • Li Guang (Vermillion Bird)
  • Lewis (Ares)
  • Elliot (Thoth)
  • Mona (Artemis)
  • Drew (Anubis)
  • Long Mian (Ao Bing)
  • Nicole (Nephthys)
  • Yu Xu (Jingwei)
  • Unky Chai (Yue Lao)
  • Daniel (Chiron)
  • Yalina (Mamitu)
  • Tiye (Nut)
  • Jiang Man (Meng Po)
  • Ye Suhua (Shao Siming)
  • Feng Xun (Fu Xi)
  • Biondina (Poseidon)
  • Celine (Siren)
  • Kara (Serket)
  • Eira (Freya)
  • Bonnie (Eris)
  • Chloe (Medea)
  • Ren Si (Black Tortoise)
  • Tevor (Sphinx)
  • Jeanne (Gerd)
  • Tang Yun (Six-Eared Macaque)

Lewis - one of the best DPS units in Dislyte at the moment, Lewis can cycle through his kit pretty rapidly when fully geared and upgraded, and with his criticals he can be extremely powerful.
Mona - Mona is another free unit every player will get at the beginning, and she's also pretty good in terms of damage. It's also a good unit to max out, since her damage, skills and survivability are close to none in the early stages of the game.
Drew - a good DPS esper that everyone gets at the start of the game. He's pretty decent and can work all the way into the mid-game if slightly upgraded.
Long Mian - another top tier esper for Point War, Long Mian grants the team an additional 25% SPD (when picked as Captain) and inflicts tons of CC on the enemies, making him an outstanding disabler.
Nicole - a powerful esper that can revive allies and provide amazing buffs, she is a great pick for much of the game's content. Nicole provides DEF buffs as well as invincibility, and pairing that up with revive makes her a good, well-rounded unit.
Unky Chai - good PvE support esper, he can buff all the offensive stats of a team. If allies have the ATK Up buff, he also has a chance to decrease their cooldowns.
Tiye - one of the best espers in the game for AP control, she can steal 30% of each enemy esper's AP and distribute it among allies, and when deployed as Captain she will boost the SPD even more. Overall, she is the best unit to have if you're looking to dominate any battle in the game.
Jiang Man - if Jiang Man's Netherbloom is left unchecked, she can deal insane amounts of damage and even apply CC on the enemy. She can be easily countered, but when she's not, she is a force to be reckoned with.
Ye Suhua - obtained from the Ripple Dimension, Ye Suhua is pretty well-rounded and provides useful buffs. On top of the permanent ATK Up and DEF Up buffs, she also grants invincibility and recovery, and every player should have her.
Biondina - one of the best espers for Point War, Biondina works wonders against defensive units because her third ability ignores 100% of the enemy's DEF if they have no buffs. To top it all off, she can also remove all of the enemy's buffs at the start of her turn, making this third ability a great skill in her overall kit, since she can basically snipe enemies down.
Celine - she's a decent esper with AoE Sleep that can work well when paired with other units that can one-shot the enemies that are CC'd. Celine can also increase the team's DEF and SPD constantly, but is not the best choice if you have other espers on the team that deal AoE damage (unless it's one-shot) because that will disrupt the Sleep she inflicted on enemies.
Kara - she can inflict poison and reduce the DEF of enemies, but she's not a super useful character long-term. She can be okay-ish for Apep, but not in most of the other game modes.
Eira - she can reduce the SPD and AP of enemies with her AoE attacks, as well as reset her second skill's cooldown, which boosts her AP and removes debuffs from an ally when used. With her on the team, the player will have a much easier time controlling the pace of the battle.
Bonnie - decent esper for Point War, she can increase the enemy's cooldowns while buffing the AP of allies and basically enable her team in battle.
Chloe - Chloe is great overall, but a little bit dependant on the amount of buffs she steals and receives. She is a good single target DPS esper that can do great in boss battles as long as she has some supports to... support her.
Ren Si - an esper that can tank, taunt and deal damge - what else could you ask for? Ren Si can also stand up to teams that specialise in cleave, and can easily counterattack enemies.
Tevor - Tevor is an average unit that can possibly deal a lot of damage in ideal situations. Tevor inflicts debuffs, more specifically the Neko-Curse, which activates when an enemy affected by it dies, dealing a large chunk of damage to the entire enemy team. This skill, however, can be easily removed, so it's a hit or miss situation.
Jeanne - Jeanne has a stun on all of her abilities, as well as a multi that can dispel buffs on enemies. These all work exceptionally well against bosses and other players alike.
Tang Yun - great DPS esper with amazing multi-hit and single target damage prowess. He's a unit that is easily overlooked, but that can prove extremely strong if given the chance (and with the right team composition).

B Tier

The characters in the B tier are your average middle-tier options. They can be okay in some instances, but not in all, and they'll require a lot of investment to be viable. If you don't have any better alternatives, you can upgrade some of them, but only as a last resort (to fill a spot on the team). Otherwise, don't bother with them. A-tier units are a lot better overall and can be even be regarded as more powerful for specific PvE or PvP battles.

  • Emma (Jade Rabbit)
  • Uday (Sopdet)
  • Ain (Ptah)
  • Parmi (Ninsun)
  • Ethan (Pan)
  • Odette (Skadi)
  • Xiao Yin (Azure Dragon)
  • Aurelius (Ullr)
  • Djoser (Atum)
  • Taylor (Hercules)
  • Dhalia (Calypso)
  • Xie Chuyi (Death Guard Hei)
  • Anesidora (Pandora)
  • Lynn (Hathor)
  • Xie Yuzhi (Death Guard Bai)
  • Heng Yue (Chang'e)
  • Laura (Neith)
  • Meredith (Scylla)
  • Stewart (Dionysus)
  • Chang Pu (Yao Ji)
  • Brynn (Valkyrie)
  • Q (Cupid)
  • Freddy (Fenrir)
  • Berenice (Bastet)
  • Tang Xuan (Sun Wukong)
  • Lauren (Heket)

Djoser - average tank unit that you can use when you have nothing else to deploy in the front line, Djoser can stack up defenses like none other. If you have additional supports that further increase his defense stacking abilities, you can consider him a decent addition to your team.
Taylor - a pretty decent unit that prevents enemies from reviving, while also granting allies an extra turn whenever they kill an enemy. He's great against units that revive, but pretty average otherwise.
Dhalia - she's an esper obtainable only from Ripple Dimensions, and while she's not the best there is, you can definitely make her work really well in Point War because of the CC lock that she provides.
Xie Chuyi - decent DPS unit, however, not the best. Pairs extremely well with Xie Yuzhi and can do pretty well in teams that need some additional damage and defense reduction.
Anesidora - one of the best espers for Temporal Tower, she can use Pandora's Box to apply an effect that deals damage after 2 turns and stunning enemies and reducing their current HP by (up to) 50%. She can also dispel debuffs and has a chance to reset the cooldown of Pandora's Box with her second skill, making her a versatile unit.
Lynn - Lynn can grant shields as well as immunity, and buff dispell. She can perform multi attacks as well, which are a must in the battle with Fafnir.
Xie Yuzhi - pairs extremely well with Xie Chuyi, and can completely disable the entire enemy team. When placed in a team alone, Xie Yuzhi is at most average.
Heng Yue - her healing is arguably better than some other supports', but she can also dispel buffs and grant recovery and Cleanse to allies. Her power increases the more she dispels, making her an impressive support.
Laura - a decent support unit that can grant shields to all allies and can counterattack the enemies once these shields disappear. She can also inflict silence.
Meredith - can support allies by providing heals and SPD up buffs, but she can also inflict poison on the opponent and greatly reduce their HP.
Stewart - has the ability to sleep enemies and deal decently high single target damage on an enemy.
Chang Pu - great healer that also grants immunity to the team for 2 rounds. She can provide constant healing to the team with a reltively short cooldown, making her a great choice for early to mid game.
Brynn - good esper for the early stages of the game, she is one of the free characters everyone gets when they start playing. She is able to buff the team's ATK and also inflict pretty good single target damage while decreasing the enemy's DEF.
Q - a unit with the ability to deal true damage if the targets are linked (with his skill) and if either takes damage. He can also decrease the DEF and ATK.
Freddy - good, decent DPS for most new players, with the ability to deal great amounts of single target damage while he's at low HP.
Berenice - if you build a lot of HP on her, she can work exceptionally because of the shield that she provides (for 2 turns) which is based on her max HP. She also decreases the DEF and AP of the enemies, as well as multi-hit, making her a top tier choice for Fafnir.
Tang Xuan - a unit that can absorb the buffs he receives and transform them into a self shield, as well as inflict various negative effects on the opponents.
Lauren - great esper for Temporal Tower and Point War, Lauren can revive allies, heal and boost an ally's AP, which makes her a great support overall. She can be amazing in a team with other espers with high HP, since they will benefit more from her kit.

C Tier

In the C tier we have some of the worst units in the game at the moment. They can be okay-ish in early levels with minimal upgrades, but I wouldn't rely on them for the late game. In fact, I'd strongly advise against spending resources on upgrading them.

  • Daylon (Sobek)
  • Jacob (Jormungand)
  • Chalmers (Idun)
  • Falken (Horus)
  • Arcana (Hermes)
  • Kaylee (Anuket)
  • Zelmer (Sekhmet)
  • Alexa (Aphrodite)
  • Pritzker (Mimir)
  • Leon (Vali)
  • Helena (Helen)
  • Ollie (Osiris)

Jacob - one of the best units in the game for battling Apep, Jacob is able to grant his allies immunity to poison, as well as inflicting it upon the enemies. Amazing esper vs Apep, but pretty average otherwise.
Chalmers - pretty good single target damage unit for bosses since he deals damage based on enemy's max HP, but not really viable in the end-game for most other content (there are other, better units than Chalmers)
Falken - a pretty decent unit that applies Eye of Horus on the opponent, which then gives allies (including himself) that said enemy attacks a chance to counterattack. If this effect is dispelled, then Falken is pretty much useless.
Arcana - he can dispel the enemy's buffs, stun and steal their AP, as well as inflict Miss Rate Up, which can trigger enemies to miss landing their skills.
Kaylee - Kaylee needs a lot of crit to trigger her debuffs, which makes her a pretty difficult to use unit for most players. She also has a chance to miss (since non-crits aren't that great on her), which places her in a pretty low tier by default.
Zelmer - an esper that is good mainly for Fafnir (otherwise pretty average), Zelmer is a master of debuffs. She can decrease the enemy's defense and inflict a pretty decent bleed, but also increase her damage for every debuff inflicted on the target.
Alexa - has the ability to reflect incoming damage when using Kiss of the Nightingale, but she can also heal allies and reduce their cooldowns. Overall, she's a great esper that works extremely well with other Support espers.
Pritzker - if his skill is used when an enemy is debuffed, he will extend their cooldown by 1 turn. Furthermore, he can also use his third skill to attack enemies three times, and stun them, with a chance to further extend theri cooldowns by three turns. Place him in a team with other debuffers and you can easily win most battles.
Leon - with pretty good single target attacks and, Leon can be quite good in Kronos. However, because of his Seer skill, he will also take increased damage which can make him a target oftentimes.
Helena - every player has Helena at the very start, and she's a decent healer in the early stages, but she quickly falls off due to her low heals.
Ollie - Ollie has the ability to inflict silence on the enemies, but can also prove useful at times with the DEF decrease, taunt and invincibility. Overall, is not extremely good, but can be decent in certain situations.

D Tier

There are not many D Espers (only 2 actually), and that's mainly because the D-tier characters don't have anything useful to offer. They can work fine at the start (literally, at the very start only), but they'll fall short quickly. I strongly advise against upgrading them and investing any resource at all in them, and in the C tier units.

  • Luo Yan (Yanluo Wang)
  • David (Jason)
  • Bardon (Baldr)
  • Layla (Medjed)
  • Bai Liuli (White Snake)
  • Li Ao (Tao Tie)
  • Hall (Hodur)

Luo Yan - a good unit for Temporal Tower and not only, Luo Yan can reduce the target's Max HP by 30% and also revive allies.
David - he's not exceptional in any way, but can act like a pseudo-tank-slash-DPS in the early stages of the game until you acquire something else to replace him with.
Bardon - a low tier Tank that can work when you need to stun or taunt enemies, however, not very reliable in the end game.
Layla - pretty average esper, but if you need a unit that deals Poison damage, she can probably do the job just fine.
Bai Liuli - an esper that can and cleanse debuffs randomly, but due to this randomness is not a really great pick most of the time.
Li Ao - a pretty odd character, Li Ao has the ability to pretty much disable a unit entirely. His Devour ability makes the enemy unable to take action or even be selected (to be healed or buffed), and he can also taunt enemies. However, Li Ao is not extremely tanky compared to other dedicated tanks.
Hall - is not a really good unit, his skills revolve mostly around his damage over time, which is not a reliable source of damage especially given that it's not a potent DoT.

How to upgrade characters in Dislyte?

Upgrading a character means much more than just leveling them up. The maximum level is actually based on the star rating of an Esper, as follows:

  • 2* Espers' maximum level is 20
  • 3* Espers' maximum level is 30
  • 4* Espers' maximum level is 40
  • 5* Espers' maximum level is 50
  • 6* Espers' maximum level is 60

In our Dislyte tier list, we've solely talked about maximum rank Espers, which is something that can be acquired in time (level 60 Espers). At the very start, chances are you'll be able to pass many levels even by just using a 2-star Esper, so there's no point to dive into more detail on that. Instead, we'll focus on the end-game and how you can best invest your resources.

If you want to learn more about character upgrading though, you should read our guide on that.

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