Once Human release date and the rest you need to know

Once Human release date and the rest you need to know
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Want to know about the Once Human release date? If you are looking for a survival simulator to play with your friends, then you can't go wrong with Once Human. Starry Studio is developing this sandbox and plans to release it in 2023.

You take on the role of a Meta-Human who has adapted to the aftermath of an apocalypse caused by a mysterious alien force called Stardust. This power will infect absolutely everything from water to animals and people, turning them into new life forms. The game promises to be exciting and atmospheric, and in this guide, we will tell you about the release date of Once Human and everything else you need to know. Also, make sure to check our list of the best survival games for iPhone and iPad!


Character holding the gun in Once Human

While most developers often use tried-and-tested zombie scenarios, Starry Studio aims to create a completely unique world. Players will find themselves in a post-apocalyptic future in Once Human, and this apocalypse was caused by an alien being called Stardust.

It seems that this creature does not have a specific form and is something like a virus. Stardust has infected everything on earth, including plants, animals, people, water, etc. So, as a result, all infected become mutated creatures.

Fortunately, some people were able to survive, retaining their human form and learning to use the power of Stardust. These people are called Meta-Human, and your character is such a Meta-Human.

To survive, you will have to extract resources and food as well as fight various monsters. You have to be very careful, as you will encounter both regular monsters and dangerous bosses. Using only the power of Stardust won't be enough.

For this reason, the game has a huge arsenal of different weapons divided into seven categories. And it is worth noting that you will have to craft most of the weapons with your own hands. Moreover, if you don't like your weapon and there is no alternative, you can use different perks and accessories to make the gun suit your taste.

But as you search for answers to the Stardust mystery, you'll need a place to rest and make your gear. Yes, in this game, you will have to build a house to your liking. For this, you will need a lot of resources and Territory Core.

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Mutant in a hallway - Once Human game

Just by looking at the trailer of the game, you might feel the immediate urge to play Once Human. Luckily, you don't have to wait long. Once Human should launch in the fourth quarter of 2023, but you will have a chance to play the game much earlier through various beta tests.


Game characters shooting at each other in Once Human

One of the new features players will be able to see during the CBT is Chaos battles. Playing on PvP servers and entering the Chaos state, players will be able to attack other players and their bases for loot. But if you are not a fan of such brutal battles, you can play on PvE servers. 

Also, you can take part in epic team fights for resources. In post-apocalyptic realities, resource ownership means absolute power. Therefore, players will be able to unite in a group and create a territory near resource points. Then, you will need to defend your territory from incoming attacks from other groups, and there are many ways to resolve the conflict between groups - including diplomacy.


The world in Once Human is vast and diverse. You will be able to explore different locations and interact with settlements; plus, in the CBT, new secret locations will appear in the game, which will not be easy to find.

For instance, Securement Silos created by Rosetta will contain a lot of useful loot. However, to begin with, you will need to clear these locations from various enemies, so we recommend doing this in a team with friends.

One of the main updates in the CBT will be a new type of challenge. Players will be able to fight the Great Ones, but you will have to try very hard because this challenge is not at all easy. And by defeating the Great Ones, you can score expensive rewards.


Once Human equipment on a character

The developers are making every effort to make the game as exciting, atmospheric, and most importantly realistic as possible. In the CBT, players will be able to see updated character animations while interacting with weapons and environments. Moreover, the number of different equipment items in the game has grown, so players will be able to craft even more diverse things.

That's all you need to know about the Once Human release date. Developers are actively working on the game, so be sure to follow our articles so as not to miss Once Human news. While you're waiting, you might want to try quenching your thirst with the best action games for iPhone and iPad or the best action games for Android phones and tablets!