Once Human reveals new information about Arachsiam, the ferocious monster and the DIY building system

Once Human reveals new information about Arachsiam, the ferocious monster and the DIY building system

NetEase Games revealed its upcoming mobile sandbox survival game Once Human during the Connects festival this year. Following this, the game was featured in IGN’s Summer of Gaming where the first trailer was released. Today, the developers have more news for players as they have released information about Once Human’s intricate building system and some background information on the monster Arachsiam.

Once Human’s fearsome monster, Arachsiam, hails from another dimension and is one of the game’s most difficult bosses. It's probably clear from the name that it is a spider, a huge one, that hides inside mountains and canyons. The Stardust infection is what gave this creature its powers and scary looks. Arachsiam weirdly has a human skull on its front, which are essentially trophies for hunting down their favourite prey.

The species is quite protective and mainly focuses on building humongous webs while waiting for its targets. The Arachsiam’s venom contains a neurotoxin that instantly causes paralysis. Stepping into its home means signing your own death sentence, so tread wisely!

Then we have the building system, which forms Once Human’s core gameplay. Territories can be created in diverse environments with a tonne of DIY options. Players can build homes in arid deserts, green forests, or even hidden mountain valleys. Safehouses can be made up of wood, stone, or aluminium, with each material having its own strengths.

Upgrading all these structures will provide more protection against enemies. Also, we may be in an apocalyptic world, but that doesn’t mean there’s no style! Players can mix and match these blocks to create their own aesthetic.

Once Human is beginning closed beta tests in September, the details of which can be found in our recent article. Check out the game’s official website and Twitter handle for more updates as well.

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