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OldSchool Runescape: Money making guide

OldSchool Runescape: Money making guide

If you want to enjoy OldSchool Runescape, you need to make tons of money as you progress in the game. Therefore, this OldSchool Runescape money-making guide might help you get a stable income whether you are a beginner or an experienced player.

This guide will tell you everything about making money in OldSchool Runescape. We will discuss some of the best money-making methods suitable for every player - some don’t even require spending too much time in the game.

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OSRS killing monsters to make money

Killing Monsters is the most straightforward way to make money in OSRS. Some monsters like Dragons, Demons, and Giants can drop valuable items and resources. You only need to kill them and sell obtained loot to get money. And if you want to make the farming process more effective, just invite a couple of friends and farm enemies in OldSchool Runescape together. 


Every OSRS player knows that farming resources and items are highly profitable ways to get money. But instead of spending your time on farming resources, you can choose the alternative option - trading.

You need to purchase ores or other stuff at a low price and then sell it at a higher price to get revenue. It works well with high-demand items, which are often significantly overpriced.

And if you want to track the current price and market changes, you can use the Grand Exchange, which can be found northwest of Varrock and east of Edgeville.


Random characters in OSRS

Even though fighting against bosses is more challenging than killing average monsters, it is a great way to make money in OldSchool Runescape. The only disadvantage is that only specific bosses can bring you significant money. Below you will find the best bosses to farm money in OSRS:

The Nightmare

The Nightmare is one of the newest and the best bosses to help you make money in OldSchool Runescape. If you get lucky, a single item dropped from this boss can bring you over 500 million gold. Talking about the average numbers, you can make approximately 4 million gold per hour by fighting the Nightmare.


Vorkath is one of the most challenging bosses in the game that requires you not only to have powerful gear but also to complete tons of late-game quests. Therefore, you need to spend long hours in the game to access Vorkath in OSRS.

However, if you can cope with these challenges, you will get one of the most stable ways to make money in the game. Killing Vorkath, you can get approximately 3 million gold per hour. You can team up with friends and make even more money daily.


As Bandos uses melee combat, killing the boss rewards you with excellent melee equipment that is always in demand. You can sell this armour for a significant amount of money, making roughly 2.5 million gold per hour.

The only disadvantage is that Bandos is one of the most challenging bosses in the game. He can boast a significant amount of health and attack points.


Characters in OSRS walking around the town

Completing quests is the primary way to make money in OldSchool Runescape. The game has 22 free-to-play quests that offer you valuable rewards. Every quest provides you with a significant amount of resources and Quest points. Moreover, some quests can unlock new opportunities for making money in OldSchool Runescape.

If you are ready to pay real money, OldSchool Runescape will offer you 134 quests. Pay-to-play quests provide you with much more valuable rewards than classic ones. Moreover, you can get 249 Quest points if you complete all pay-to-play quests, which can be used to start different activities in OSRS.


Cooking is the perfect option to make money at the beginning stages of OldSchool Runescape. It requires minimal effort and nearly zero investments, which makes this option stand out among others. Also, cooking in OSRS has a gradual progression. So, the more you cook, the more money you make. Below, we have the best food items to cook in the game:

  • Plain Pizza
  • Pineapple Pizza
  • Karambwan
  • Tuna


Being rich is not only about spending long hours playing the game while grinding resources but also about rationality when it comes to expenses. Try to save on extra stuff as much as possible and invest gold into necessities like gear and weapons. A good option is to find a more experienced player who can teach you how to manage your earnings in OSRS correctly.

That’s it with our OSRS money-making guide. In case you're looking for similar titles to play, check the best Medieval mobile games - there will probably be at least one game that will suit your tastes.