Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 3 - Sernoa Station, White City, L'Istrait, Deep Jungle, and more

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Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 3 - Sernoa Station, White City, L'Istrait, Deep Jungle, and more

Things are heating up in our full walkthrough of Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm

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Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm isn't always an easy game, especially when those puzzles get a bit obtuse, or when the combat starts throwing enemies at you, but we're here to guide you through to success no matter what.

In our third part of our Oceanhorn 2 walkthrough we're going all over the world, from Sernoa Station to White City, and then on a boat off to L'Istrait, and deep into a jungle on a heated chase.

There's a lot to go over, and if you need to get through Oceanhorn 2 at a decent pace, we recommend taking a look at our tips below.

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Everything in Sernoa Station

  • Follow the path to find the gate to Sernoa Station
  • There will be a switch puzzle just outside - use the radial menu to make Gen and Trin stand on the switches, and then stand on the final one yourself to open the gate
  • You can find a chest in the shack, and stock up on items from the vending machine on the platform
  • Once done, head inside the train, and you'll find that you need to activate the power
  • Head out of the train and go to the scrapyard - there's a ramp leading there from the back wall, and sign pointing towards it
  • Collect the search points for energy, and jump down to the main area, being wary of the Kaktos
  • You'll find another golden ball puzzle just ahead - again, just pick it up and place it on the switch to open a fast travel point
  • Head back into the main area of the station once you've collected a bunch of energy, and head behind the shack - stand on the metal plate with the energy symbol
  • Shoot the ball to your right with the energy, then point it at the orb above the gate, and the finally to the diamond to the left of the gate, and it should open up
  • In the next area you'll do much the same, but the metal plate you should be standing on it raised up next to a ladder to climb
  • Shoot the orb in the top left on the raised pipe, then connect it to the node on the floor, another node raised to the right of that, another just to right of that, and finally connect it to the diamond node to power the train
  • Finally, jump in the train and run up to the controls to have it go to White City

What to do in White City

  • While on the train, simply talk to your companions to get the story moving again
  • You'll arrive at White City, the biggest location of the game yet, but you won't be able to explore anything quite yet
  • Once the cutscenes are all over and done with, you can talk to the soldier to be returned to the station, and you'll finally be able to explore - feel free to explore as much as you wish before returning to the main story
  • Once you're done exploring, head to the tavern, the Red Herring, which is where the yellow marker is on the your minimap
  • Once inside, chat to the owner at the bar and get tucked into bed
  • When you wake, you'll find everyone has already left for the harbour - rude - catch up with them, and then talk to the tall owl-like guy to get sailing again
  • While on the ship, simply talk to your companions to get the story going
  • It's time to sail again, head straight towards the yellow marker to find the L'Istrait

The new jungle town, L'Istrait

  • Another nice new town to explore! Not quite as big as the last one, but feel free to look around
  • Once you're done, head to the yellow marker which denotes the Inn
  • You'll get a key from a chest in the main room, and then you'll have to exit the building through the right exit and walk around a ramp to get up to your room and rest - yep, you're going to sleep again already
  • Once you wake, a commotion will be happening - exit your room and find Irontalon - he'll be gone, just search his room and use the rope to exit
  • There's a trail of feathers for you to follow to find where he's gone, and you'll find yourself in the Deep Jungle

On an epic chase in Deep Jungle

  • Keep following the feathers, but watch out for enemies along the path, there are plenty of them
  • Once you get to the river, you'll probably notice you're in trouble, as you can't swim well - there's a path made of stones just below the water to the left side of the river which you can use to cross halfway
  • Once you've made it to the end of the stones, you can use the ice shot you just picked up from enemies you've defeated to make an icy platform to climb onto to recover stamina and swim to the dock up ahead
  • Climb around the dock and keep moving up the ramp, and follow the path forward while watching for enemies
  • Cross the river and continue to watch for enemies - these blowfish that throw pots can drop ammo and health, though
  • Keep moving forward watching for enemies, and try to get to the yellow marker, but make sure to pick up items and health on the way
  • You'll eventually come across an Owru bandit camp - be careful and make sure you have plenty of health as you move through
  • On the right from where you find the camp is a gate you need to get open - time to find the lever
  • If you go left from the camp, you'll come to the front of a giant Owru pyramid, and there's even an achievement at the top for you
  • Back at the base of the pyramid, you'll see the switch located on top of a wooden ramp where an Owru should've been shooting at you
  • Head inside the gate and you'll find yourself in an underground Owru bandit camp
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