Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 4 - Owru Chief, Deep Jungle treasure, Owru Shrine, Beacon Hill Dungeon

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Oceanhorn 2 Full Walkthrough Part 4 - Owru Chief, Deep Jungle treasure, Owru Shrine, Beacon Hill Dungeon

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Yes we're back at it again, this time it's part 4 of our Oceanhorn 2: Knights of the Lost Realm walkthrough, and we've covered loads of tricky puzzles that might not be too obvious on your first time through.

We're going to beat through the Owru bandit camp, take on the Owru Chief boss, explore all of the Deep Jungle, and get stuck into a major dungeon, the Prita Beacon.

If you need advice on any of those parts of the game, you're in the right place, as we're going to give you all the instructions you need to clear through every part of the game, in order.

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Underground Owru bandit camp

  • Follow the path into the large room, head down the ladder, and then fight against the bandit below before moving into the next room
  • Eliminate the enemies in here and collect the item in the chest
  • Now that room is clear, head back into the last room and shoot the wooden planks at the end of the walkway you started on with your fire bullets to burn it down and clear the path
  • From the wooden walkway jump over to another platform, collect the item, and then jump down onto the raised rock platform - you can climb into the next chamber from here
  • Follow the walkway into the next room - there's a target switch to shoot above where you entered the room to continue
  • Climb the stairs and jump onto the next platform to get to the switch, hit it with your sword
  • Now you go back and jump down into the room from before, it should be clear of enemies - there's also a box with a search point on it, if you wish to aim for that on the way down
  • You'll find Irontalon kidnapped by a bunch of Owru bandits, time to get back the Emblem of Earth

Beating the Owru Chief

  • It's finally time for the second boss of the game, get ready, and make sure you have full health
  • This boss actually starts off with you fighting against a bunch of enemies - I recommend you have the enemies primarily target your companions, and then you can throw bombs and fire shots to lower their health without risking your own too much
  • If you're struggling when the chief is solo, use a freeze shot to keep him still and then throw bombs
  • The Owru Chief is pretty simple once you get past the overwhelming numbers, so keep at it!

Back in the Deep Jungle

  • Once the Owru Chief is taken care of you'll find yourself back in the Deep Jungle, this time heading towards an Owru Shrine
  • You probably saw the shrine on the way to your current location, so retrace your steps and keep watching the yellow marker
  • You'll notice that the shrine is out of reach, but not for long - keep sticking close to the path hugging the wall near the shrine and go around the back, you'll find a lot of flammable cacti near a tower
  • Burn the cacti away and climb the tower, and then use the rope to climb inside

Deep Jungle tower treasure to make it inside the shrine

  • You'll need the treasure from in here to keep progressing, so let's go…
  • Follow along the path, picking up items and resources along the way
  • Once you come to a long path sloping upward be wary - this is prime boulder rolling material, stay on your toes, and sprint to alcoves when rocks start dropping
  • At the end of this tunnel you'll be faced with a chest across from a few platforms - be quick, as these platforms will drop
  • Open the chest for an item that is strikingly similar to The Legend of Zelda's hookshot - this grappling hook, an "Owru artifact," will allow you to cross large gaps, allowing us to get into the Owru Shrine
  • Head back outside, go back to where the yellow marker indicates the shrine is, and use the new item to cross the gap from the tall climbable stone pillar

Highpath Hollow

  • Head inside Highpath Hollow, and watch for Kaktos
  • Head into the main room and climb the vines on the right side of the room, dip inside and jump on the switch to unveil some target switches in the main room - you'll need to have a companion weigh the switch down
  • Move back into the other room and quickly shoot both targets from the centre of the room
  • A path in front of you will open, and your companion will return - you can just jump over to continue
  • Just follow the path to get back out to Deep Jungle
  • Finally, follow this fairly linear path to meet up with Irontalon and get to the Shrine

Owru Sacred Grounds, Prita Beacon Hill

  • Once you reach the Owru Sacred Grounds, all you need to do is follow the path to find the massive beacon, and head inside
  • As soon as you move inside the beacon, you'll likely notice that this is definitely a dungeon, and it's time to find a path through
  • In this dungeon it's important to read the messages from owru statues to progress
  • If you talk to the owru statues, you'll find that the first owru speaks "half the truth." This means that the switch you're looking for is actually in front of the first owru statue, not behind - have a companion flip it
  • This will activate an elevator behind the first owru statue
  • Stand in the centre of the elevator and when it rises, shoot the unlit fire pits on the towers
  • This will unlock a gate on the lower level
  • The giant insect on the lower level isn't too much of a threat, it can be killed by grappling it's behind and slashing repeatedly
  • This gate will take you to the Prita Beacon Underground
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