Roblox: A few tips to help you out in Blox Fruits

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Roblox: A few tips to help you out in Blox Fruits

Fight and embrace the power of fruits

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Roblox is one of the hottest games in the world right now, whether it's on mobile or PC. It's the game that's all about playing other games. From RPGs to strategy, to sports games, there's a little bit of everything for everybody on offer.

One of the games that Roblox features is also one of its most popular. With a 93% rating, Blox Fruits is probably one of the first games you'll see featured on Roblox. It's a cool game where you can play PvE or PvP as either a marine or a pirate.

Taking place in a beautifully made world, you'll take on quests and battle it out with other players. It also has a great theme song too. But, if you're new to the experience, it may be a bit confusing at first, so here are a few tips to try and help you out. You can also take a look at our Blox Fruits codes if you are interested in some free goodies before that!

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Consider Being Aggressive

There are quests to be conquered in Blox Fruits in Roblox. One of the first ones you'll see is where you'll need to fight off some bandits. This is where you can put your combat skills to the test. You won't really trigger the fights until you approach them so don't worry, they won't charge you.

However, be prepared, as they will be a bit aggressive once they start. You should still make easy work of them, but keep the attack on them. They'll essentially hit you non-stop and can knock you down too. Next thing you know, your health is getting kind of low. There should be lower or they should be dead though by that point.

In some games, being more strategic seems usually helps, but here, it's good to just try and whale on them. As mentioned, yes, you'll take damage, but you should be able to overpower them. Just try not to let up. If you do, then back away a bit before coming back and finishing them off.

Level Up Often

In Roblox's Blox Fruits, one thing that you definitely need to make sure to level up your character often. This pretty much goes without saying as, of course, you should upgrade, right? However, moving along, it can be easy to forget, especially in the very beginning.

You don't want to continue plugging away with quests at a low level. If you want to challenge yourself, then sure, give it a shot. However, if you do want to bump up your skills, you'll notice some exclamation points in the area where you can upgrade.

This is just a simple reminder that you can beef up your character. You should accumulate around 10 points early on. Just decide on which areas you want to level up. This includes melee, sword skills, gun use, health, etc, essentially like most RPG or MMO-type games. So go ahead and have fun tweaking those stats.

Grab Your Fruits

The namesake of Roblox's very popular RPG game is called Blox Fruits, right? So it's only fitting that one of the most important features of the game is the Fruits. These beauties are an assortment of powers. They range from elemental, to beastly and anything else in between.

You also have some small, cheaper things such as bombs and spikes. With all of these unique skills and powers, you can really prove yourself out there. The catch is that you can't equip two Fruits at the same time, so definitely get used to flip-flopping a bit.

Weapons such as swords and guns can be obtained as well. Combine these with the Fruits, and you have yourself a well-rounded pirate or marine (Go Pirates). Your fists and legs can already be pretty devastating so imagine having all of those extras? You'll be dangerous.

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