Updated on September 8th, 2021 - added download links

Simulation is such a large category - there are so many different types of simulation games for Android that you can play. Most of them allow you to take part in real-world events, becoming a farmer, creating a theme park and taking on jobs that you may have only dreamed of having. Simulation games are a great break from reality, where you can easily dive into a world and take on jobs that don’t have any real repercussions if you mess them up.

Some of these games are very realistic while others bring you into cartoon worlds, showcasing somewhere cute and beautiful. There are so many different activities to explore and games to play, it may be hard to find the best of the best. So we have put together a list of the top 10 best simulation games for Android to save you some time looking.

Let’s dive into it.

Original post by Jupiter Hadley, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.