Updated on October 11th, 2021 - Adjusted some tiers, new unit added: Zeviro (AS), Daisy, Kikyo (AS) - updated to App Version 2.9.500

First things first: this is not your average Another Eden tier list, as units in the game aren’t really categorized in so-called tiers. For another, it’s not your typical gacha game where you roll for the best units and others fall by the wayside since the game is more of a classic JRPG than a gacha game, anyway.

That said, this guide is to show which characters serve the best roles, but the bottom line is that you should essentially choose the unit that you like best, and whoever looks cool to you. Aesthetics are gorgeous in Another Eden, so character design is a major appeal for the units.

Besides, you can actually get by pretty well with just the free units you gain throughout the main story, but just in case you want to figure out which banners to pull from, this Another Eden tier list has you covered.

The following tier list features all the characters that have currently been released (to date). Their tiers are mainly based on how well they perform in the instances we've tried, so it's an ever-changing list - we'll do our best to keep you updated regularly! 

Original list by Catherine Ng Dellosa, updated by Pocket Gamer Staff.

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