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Warpath best officers tier list - Every character ranked

Warpath best officers tier list - Every character ranked

No Warpath army can work without the help of a good officer

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Update on November 27th, 2023 - Version  8.40.0055

You want to deploy some of the best officers in Warpath to take down enemy camps, but you're not sure which ones to go for? Below we're going to dive into the Warpath tier list of all the best officers and units in the game, so you'll know exactly how to deploy them to get the best results.

By now we've covered a bunch of beginner tips that should help you get started, so if you are new to the game, make sure you check it out.

Now that we're talking about the best units, it's important to know exactly how the unit deployment system works. Here are a bunch of tips regarding the units, so you can better understand what I mean:

  • You can deploy a maximum of 2 Officers per unit. Think ahead which ones make a great team, and deploy them to their respective units.
  • You can have a maximum of 5 units deployed and 10 officers.
  • Sometimes you might have to switch things up a little, depending on the situation. For example, you might have to use a different combination of officers depending on the case
  • Officers will level up passively, but you can also give them EXP to speed things up.
  • You will unlock all the Officers by completing the missions, so you don't need to worry about them being a gacha-exclusive drop. The only things you will get from the gacha summons are the units.
Warpath gameplay - officers

The best Officers for Infantry units

  • Mira Ivanova Volkova, White Wolf + Florence Borden, Angel of Light

Mira's entire kit revolves around buffing the infantry units, so there is no point trying to pair her up with any non-infantry. As for the secondary Officer, the Combat First Aid and Durability Pill from Florence pair up really well with the additional boosts from Mira.

The best Warpath Officers for tank units

  • Wilhelm von Zeppelin, Guardian of Truth + Jack Spanner, Sergeant Spanner + Galina-Nikolaevna-Kovalchuk, Steel Fighter

All three of these officers' passives massively boost the tank stats, and if you manage to unlock the last passive for Wilhelm, you'll gain an immense power spike from Master of War. All of their skills affect the tank-type units (Light Tanks, Medium Tanks, etc.) so it's best to deploy them with some of your best tanks. 

If you're not sure which tanks to deploy, then check out their power and tank type and try to deploy the units that will counter the opponent's tanks. I personally like the M2A1 Medium tank for start, or Hetzer if I want to counter a Heavy Tank. 

The best Officers for artillery units

  • Valery Yakovlevivh Alexey, the Eruptor + Antonina Shevchenko + Andrey Kurbsky

These two make a killer team when it comes to shooting missiles, such as Howitzer, Rocket Launchers and so forth. They both affect the damage of the missiles by a lot and reduce the time it takes to reload.

If you max out both of these officers' skills, you will gain a lot of additional damage to your missiles, on top of reduced cooldown. That will make for a truly deadly combination when attacking enemy camps.

The best all-rounded Warpath Officer

  • Randall Miller, War Machine

When you start playing you'll unlock Randall first. After you get him, he will be pretty good at completing all the beginner tasks with ease. He's got a decent and well-rounded kit that can be used in any combination until you unlock better Officers. 

You can pair him up with Jack Spanner at the start since they will be the first two that you can unlock. Later on, move Spanner with Wilhelm von Zeppelin (if you unlock him) and assign Percy or Bloody Mary to be Randall's second. 

For a more detailed list of all the officers and their ranks, check out the next page for a complete Warpath tier list! 
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Warpath Tier List

Here you will find all the units listed in a more typical tier list. I'd say that they follow a typical tier list format, but when you want to deploy them, you should always take into consideration the type of unit that you'll assign them to. You could, of course, swap them out when needed depending on the situation. That's one of the best things you could do until you unlock all the officers.

S Tier Officers

  • Florence Borden (Angel of Light): She is a good unit for buffing and providing sustain to your Infantry units, especially alongside Mira.
  • Mira Ivanova Volkova (White Wolf): She's the best officer for buffing Infantry units. Definitely a must-have.
  • Galina-Nikolaevna-Kovalchuk (Steel Fighter): She is a great unit and a new addition to the tier list, but landing straight in the top tier thanks to her ability to massively increase the tank firepower and overall attack.
  • Saber of the Nation: This officer is great for buffing up the units with additional damage resist, as well as increasing their damage dealt. He is one of the best at boosting the damage of Artillery units.
  • Polar Phantom: Similar to Saber of the Nation, Polar Phantom is another great unit that has similar effects, but dedicated to Fighter Planes.
  • Andrey Kurbsky (Berserker Bear): Very good character, an amazing unit with increased firepower and various buffs that can work well in any formation
  • Valkyrie (Kate Douglas)
  • Jake Barnes (Golden Eagle)

A Tier Officers

  • Professor Pain: A great tank officer that has the ability to increase damage dealt.
  • Iron Bastion: A great Infantry officer that can boost the firepower and unit durability by quite a bit.
  • Lady Justice: Lady Justice works well with any field officers and can help with increased damage, speed reduction, and immobilization.
  • Jack Spanner (Sergeant Spanner): Spanner is a good unit to buff up your tank units. Aside from that, you won't really use him for other troops.
  • Sharon Percy (Adjutant Percy): Percy is quite okay for garrisoned units, and can work pretty well for starting out.
  • Valery Yakovlevivh Alexey (Eruptor): A really good unit to pair up with Antonina Shevchenko for buffing up your artillery units. He can work wonders during Alliance Wars and when attacking other players.
  • Wilhelm Von Zeppelin (Guardian of the Truth): He's quite difficult and time-consuming to rank up, but can be a really great unit for buffing your tank formation.
  • Rictus Reaper - A powerful unit that can be considered one of the best overall Officers in the game when it comes to powering up the bombers
  • Vasily Sokolov (Bladewing)
  • Bekoe Yeboah (Lord of Order)
  • Marco Rossi (Warrior Whiz)

B Tier Officers

  • Eye of Providence (Aaron Matthews) - A great unit for the troops, who can greatly boost the damage dealt and reduce the skill prep time.
  • Silver Comet - He's a good unit to boost Air force units, since with each rank he will increase the damage they do.
  • Brisk Eagle: She's a decent unit that stacks crits and works perfectly with the Air Force units.
  • El Cartero El Cartero Works amazingly with every type of bomber unit, increasing their durability and damage against tanks, amongst other things.
  • Dorothy Rodriguez (Bloody Mary): She is great at boosting the march speed and hunting Ravens - otherwise, you have better options.
  • The Witcher: She is slightly better than Brisk Eagle, which is pretty much a glass cannon.
  • Ivan Anreyevich Volkov (Winter Huntsman): He is great for halting enemies for a little while but needs strong artillery to deal damage since he's pretty lackluster.
  • Randall Miller (War Machine): Great overall unit for anything that you might need. He provides buffs and plenty of damage for both offensive and defensive situations.
  • Ana Garcia (Vox Veritatis)
  • Albina Karanovic (Whip-Cracker)

C Tier Officers

  • Erwin Schmitz (Fox of the Highland): He's a pretty decent unit, but his kit is a little bit all over the place. He can work well for buffing Infantry, but you will have better choices for that.
  • Antonina Shevchenko: She is great alongside Valery, because of the buffs that she provides to the artillery units. However, she's a little bit underwhelming on her own, especially when not affecting artillery.
  • Jean Dufort (Wings of Glory): Is a pretty solid airforce unit, but there are some slightly better ones at the moment.
  • Doris Morgenstern (Golden Pixie): There are better airforce officers to invest in.
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