Looking for the best open world games for iPhone & iPad? Look no further, because we've brought the best 15 of them together into this list for you. Read on to find out the best places to lose yourself on mobile.

Whether you want to explore a realistic world or one completely submerged in fantasy, there is probably an open world game for you. Often there is the option to follow stories and quests or to just wander around, exploring on your own so that you can find whatever you stumble upon. We’ve compiled a list of games that go from fantasy through hyper-realistic or full of dinosaurs all the way through to games where you can drive planes. There is something for everyone on this list.

But where did open world games come from? They've arguably been around for quite some time, with a lot of people citing early adventure games as some of the first examples. Arguably, any game where you can choose which path to take (or, indeed, just dilly-dally around and do nothing) is open world, which more and more games are starting to be. As a matter of fact, there aren't actually many linear games releasing these games, and a whole mass of games might have tight stories, but promote you exploring the level and making careful choices to how you proceed.

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Arguably, though, the rise of Open World games came within the last fifteen years, with series like Bioshock, Deus Ex, Dishonored and Hitman all promoting players thinking outside of the box, and giving people the tools to progress but little instruction. Meanwhile, other games like Skyrim, The Witcher 3, Grand Theft Auto, Just Cause, Legend of Zelda, and, of course, Minecraft, all gave people larger and larger worlds to explore - and as their popularity surged, we started to see more and more open world elements spreading into other games.

We've got everything here from horror-based survival games through to some of the names we've mentioned above, so do make sure to click on through to find out what we believe are the best 15 open world games for iPhone and iPad. And, of course, if you think we've missed something then leave us a comment, because we do occasionally revisit our various lists to make sure that we've kept them completely up to date.