It's been another short week for us here at Pocket Gamer towers thanks to a national holiday on Monday. That's okay though, because we've still created more than enough amazing content to fill up about 14 of these round-ups. It's because we love mobile games, see? And we just can't stop writing about them, oh me oh my no.

This week we've seen Google announcing some new phones, we've had a whole bunch of awesome new releases landing on the App Store and Google Play Store, and we've found out about the first games that are getting Xbox Live support for mobile. Basically it's been really, really busy - like it usually is.

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We'll be back at it next week, smashing out the best content about mobile and portable games on the internet, so make sure you check back then. In the meantime though, let's sort recap what's been a pretty awesome week in Pocket Gamer land.

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