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Publisher: Ian MacLarty
| Available on: iOS


Survive an ever-moving cosmic obstacle course by deftly teleporting between nodes on the "jump-grid". Success requires only a few seconds of precision finger ballet, but touch any of the pulsing hazards and the level instantly resets, ready for you to try again, and again, and again... This is a game about honing your muscle memory until you learn to dance with your fingers!

- Skin-of-your-teeth gameplay with easy to learn controls
- 100 unique and challenging levels, plus infinite and speedrun modes
- An original pulse-pounding electronica soundtrack
- Options to adjust game speed and reduce flashing
- iCloud sync - keep your progress when switching devices

* Independent Games Festival: Honorable mention, Excellence in Design
* Freeplay awards: Finalist, Excellence in Design
* Play by Play awards: Finalist

In the press:

“At times playing JumpGrid felt like it was melting my brain, but in a good way.” - Kotaku

“Jumpgrid is a hyperkinetic modern-art dance party of death.” - Hardcore Gamer

"I can’t get it out of my head" - AppUnwrapper

“You know that shiver you get down the back of your spine as you’re running away from a monster in a horror game? The profound relief when you make it to safety? Jumpgrid has that. It’s surreal.” - Rock Paper Shotgun