Rumblers in Rumble Star Football are your bread and butter. Or your foot and your ball, if you're playing Rumble Stars Football. It's the same thing, really.

Rumblers are literally the characters you throw onto the field, and it's their abilities, matched with your timing and strategy, that can win you games against even the most difficult of opponents.

Here we're going to give you a full list of all of the Rumblers available in Rumble Stars Soccer, from every class, along with the important stats.

They are split between Core, Pro, Superstar, and Legend Rumblers, each of them with their own strengths and weaknesses, the reality of which you will only see once you've launched them onto the pitch.

Some Rumblers will head straight for the ball and attempt to slam it into the goal, like the Tiny Tanuki, while others, like Magnetman, won't be so useful for getting the ball in the goal.

They will however be useful at disabling your opponents and distracting them enough so you can slam into the goal yourself. The Raging Bull will remove opponents outright, while Cannonman will deal damage from a distance.

You can use your Rumblers in a variety of creative ways, and of course with more Rumblers, come more options when playing the game.

Just make sure to build yourself a varied team. You can't stock up on Rumblers that will only attack opponents, you will of course need to balance the team with a variety of attackers, defensive Rumblers, and strikers to take the goal.

We've got more detailed Rumble Stars Soccer tips right here on Pocket Gamer, so once you've revised the Rumblers you can expect in the game, you can jump in and get the goals to rise up in the rankings.

Oh, and don't forget, unlocking and upgrading these Rumblers will help you level up. It's pretty important, so collect as many as you can.

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