Golf Blitz is an addictive golfing game that we can't stop playing. Any time we're waiting in a queue or sitting on the sofa, we're pulling out Golf Blitz, opening up card packs and levelling up.

And levelling up is tough in this game, as we said in our guide. In order to level up, you need to level up the types of shots you use, as well as unlock brand new cosmetics whenever possible.

Cosmetics are there to make you look cool, and don't have much utility other than that, but that doesn't mean they're useless. If you want experience to level up, you have to unlock cosmetics, and as many as possible.

Ultimately, the cosmetics will make a change to the way you play, thanks to the stat buffs to your power, speed and accuracy. Absolutely essential for getting in the hole first, looking cool is just a bonus.

Golf Blitz

There are Common, Rare and Epic cosmetics. For Common you'll need to earn a bunch of multiple cards to unlock each one, in addition to a bunch of Bux.

For Rare, you actually have to collect less cards, and for much of the game, Epic cosmetics only require one card.

However, as you level up, the game will force you to collect more and more cards before you can unlock them. Levelling up has it's downsides too, so if you want to unlock a specific cosmetic, it might be easier to do so before levelling up too far.

The cosmetics are very cool, many of them mildly ripping off popular characters. The red Plumber outfit might be familiar, as is the green Brother outfit. Oh, and the Toadstool hat? Yeah, they're dancing the copyright line all right.

Read on for every single Common, Rare and Epic cosmetic in the game, and keep opening card packs for better chances of getting every single one.