Fortnite is the game that just keeps on evolving, even at the cost of the healthy and well being of Epic Games' own employees. Weak.

Regardless, the content machine must keep churning whether you're an online pundit or an Epic Games employee. God speed, you brave warriors.

Anyway, I know what you're here for. You want the complete lowdown on Fortnite season 9, for the Battle Royale juggernaut just doesn't know when to stop. And it probably should stop, or at least slow down, to avoid those mental breakdowns, yeah?

Fortnite has undergone massive changes in its history, and now the latest change to the map might be the biggest yet. Tilted Towers, the much maligned hot zone, is dead, replaced with Neo Tilted. You still shouldn't drop there.

For everything that you need to know about Fortnite season 9, just read on below…

Need a new map

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Yes Tilted Towers is gone, replaced with the futuristic Neo Tilted, but that's not all.

Retail Row is another location that has been done away with in order to mix things up. Sorry to any Retail Row fans, we've now got the Mega Mall instead, providing plenty of places to scavenge, hide and build.

All of that hot volcanic energy isn't going to waste either. The volcano that destroyed what we knew and loved in the past has had the Pressure Plant placed on it, providing yet another location to investigate and turn into a battleground.

In addition to that, you'll now be using Slipstreams to navigate the map. Slipstreams are essentially big tunnels of wind, and using them will allow you to traverse the map much more quickly than you might be able to otherwise.

There's a bit of nuance to it too, as bobbing up and down might give you more speed and momentum. Hmm, a lot like another battle royale game I know of…