Golf Blitz is the kind of game that's easy to play and get started with, but after you rank up and get to some newer stages, you'll quickly learn it doesn't remain easy for long.

Stages in the clouds, stages in the desert, stages set in an apparent war zone. I'm not sure why, but they're all here, and you'll need to use all of your skills and powers in order to pass them all.

Oh, and there are portals and stuff too. That makes things tricky. But using these tips, you'll be able to shoot ahead of your opponents and rack up the trophies in Golf Blitz.

Oh, and join my team, Ballnz. That's the name of the team. It's a good team.

New ways to play
Golf Blitz

As you progress through Golf Blitz, the strategies you used in earlier stages are going to become less and less useful. Mainly because you'll need to up your game and strategies.

New obstacles, stage types and more will regularly pop up, forcing you to adapt and become a better player in order to gain more trophies.

You need to not only use the power ups for each course, but also devise an ideal way to get into the hole before anyone else. Which is the fastest route, what power ups can be used to make it easier to get their?

In stages with bottomless chasms - which get pretty common, actually - moves like the sticky shot or sniper shot become much more useful in getting to the green before any other player. Heck, some players even swear by whacking their ball towards the edges of the screen.

Even if invisible, the edges of the screen does have a wall, and the ball will either bounce off of it, or stick to it with a sticky shot. Useful in very rare circumstances and certain stages.

Make sure to utilise your enemy's balls in plays, too, not just on the green. Bouncing off an enemy ball can give you a massive boost in certain situations.