Updated December 24, 2020: New entries added

Autorunners have been around since the dawn of smartphone gaming. It started by adapting the platformer genre for mobile with simplified controls, but it's grown way beyond that.

So what do we mean by an autorunner, exactly? We're talking about games in which your little character runs across, into, or out of the screen without your input. It's up to you to shift their position in some way, typically involving tapping to jump or swiping to side-step.

Some of your might be wondering why we're not calling this sub-genre 'endless runner'. The answer to that is simple: not all of these games go on endlessly. New strains have appeared with more structure and depth, to the point where 'endless runner' simply wasn't a sufficient description to encapsulate them all.

The following list is full of intriguing diversions and genre-splices. But all involve a sense of timing, rhythm and momentum that's particular to the autorunner.