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MetroLand - all characters in the game and how to unlock them

MetroLand - all characters in the game and how to unlock them
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Are you eager to learn how to unlock every character in MetroLand? Then our guide is all you need because we're going to take a look at all the characters released so far and help you understand where you can get each and every one of them. 

How many characters are in MetroLand?

Starting off with something a little bit obvious, the game is new so there are not that many characters right now. At the moment, there are 5 characters in the game, but chances are more will be added later on (if the game were to follow in Subway Surfers' footsteps).

The character you start playing with is Jet, and you unlock him for free. The others can be unlocked by playing the Story Mode or by completing the Daily Surprise quest.

What's the maximum character level in MetroLand?

The maximum level you can upgrade a character to right now is 50.


Metroland character Jet

Jet is the starting character and he is by far one of the easiest and most fun to play. You will receive several tokens to upgrade him from the daily login, as well as from the pass and missions. He is automatically unlocked when you start playing the game, so you don't need to complete any quests or so in order to get him. 


Deedee in MetroLand

Deedee is the easiest to unlock character in MetroLand, since all you need to do in order to get her is to complete Story chapter 1, which means getting a collective total high score of 1150. 


MetroLand's Flash character

Another character unlocked by reaching a certain milestone in the Story mode, Flash is a really good-looking character that anyone who has completed Chapter 10 will unlock.

To get him you need to play the game for quite a bit since you need to collect 436,000 points, a.k.a. reach milestone 42 in the Story progress. 


Ziggy wearing headphones

This cool character with headphones listening to some beats is a little easier to obtain. You need to log in for 2 days and unlock the Daily Surprise Day 2, and then meet him.


Robyn wearing green cap

Robyn is unlocked in a similar manner to Ziggy, except you need to wait until Daily Surprise Day 4 to get her. She wears a beanie and joggers, perfect for sliding and jumping around obstacles! 

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