Updated: Original list by Matt Thrower, Updated by Jupiter Hadley on March 22nd, 2021.

This might seem like a crazy list to compile.

Almost any collectible card game or card battler ought to have enough content to be almost a hobby unto itself. Even an entire lifestyle in some cases, with the addictive qualities involved. The idea that you need more than one in your life is verging on dangerous.

On the other hand, that makes it even more important that you select the best for your tastes before you get stuck in. You could be playing this thing for months, or years. So you want to make sure you're backing the right horse before putting your money down.

This is all from experience, given the way that Hearthstone has taken over my life. But a properly designed collectable card game on iOS is such a joy that it would be a shame not to have one as part of your gaming CV. Here are the runners for this race: pick one, and get yourself stuck in.