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Soul Strike! codes (June 2024)

Soul Strike! codes (June 2024)
Updated on June 18, 2024 - Added a new code

Gift codes are an easy way to get yourself some free in-game goodies. Many mobile titles such as Undawn, Raid: Shadow Legends, and Warhammer 40,000 Warpforge routinely release new codes for their players to enjoy each month. Thanks to the game’s developer Com2uS, you can nab some free rewards, as they are releasing a handful of new gift codes for Soul Strike every month.

Soul Strike! gift codes are easy to redeem. Simply head to the menu, tap settings then account. From here, you hit redeem, which takes you to a website where you'll need to select your server. You can then paste any Soul Strike! code and hit the blue button to redeem it.

Of course, if you like similar titles you're in luck, we have Top Heroes codes that will get you Recruit Vouchers and other gifts, then Edenight codes, and if you're more into shooters, use Metal Slug Awakening codes.

Current Soul Strike! codes include:

  • SWCOLLABD100 - Ally Pickup Summon Ticket x30 (Valid till June 30)
  • WELCOME25 - Relic Summon Ticket x100 (Valid till June 25)
  • SWSOUL200 - 200 Ally Summon Ticket (Valid till June 27)
  • LASK0401 - free rewards
  • SKILL100 - 100 Skill Summon Tickets
Expired Codes:
  • HAPPY55DAY - 5,500 Ether, 55 Relic Summon Ticket, 55 Skill Summon Ticket, 55 Ally Summon Ticket and 55 Class Summon Ticket (Valid till May 31)
  • 100FESTA2 - 100 Skill Summon Ticket, 100 Ally Summon Ticket and 100 Relic Summon Ticket (Valid till May 28)
  • 100FESTA -100 Class Summon Ticket, 100 Skill Summon Ticket, 100 Ally Summon Ticket, and 100 Relic Summon Ticket (Expires May 14)
  • 300LIKES039 (Valid till May 13)
  • 500LIKESTHX1 (Valid till May 13)
  • 700LIKESSS37 (Valid till May 13)
  • 900LIKES27S (Valid till May 13)
  • 1000LIKES79 (Valid till May 13)
  • 1500LIKES0T (Valid till May 13)
  • THXS2ALL71 - Ether x4,000 (Valid till April 7)
  • WEEKEND30 - Summon Ticket x30 (Valid till April 6)
  • DRESSUP87 - Skill Summon Ticket x100 (Valid till April 6)
  • CONGRATS7 - Ether x10,000 (Valid till April 7)
  • HAVEGDAY2 - 3,000 Ether (Valid till April 2)
  • TOSPRING1 - Ally Summon Ticket x50 (Valid till April 1)
  • SAYHELLO1 - Skill Summon Ticket x50 (Valid till March 31)
  • MASTERS89 - Class Summon Ticket x50 (Valid till March 29)
  • WELCOME93 - Ether x2,000 (Valid till March 29)
  • SS2000024 - Transmog Scroll x30 (Valid till April 1)
  • ZENO2024 (Valid till March 27)
  • ZENO300LIKES (Valid till March 27)
  • ZENO200LIKES (Valid till March 27)
  • ZENO100LIKES (Valid till March 27)
  • GR8T15KSS (Expires April 1)
  • THX12KFSS - 30 transmog scrolls (Expires February 29)
  • 10KXFDC79 - transmog scrolls (Expires February 29)
  • THXS2ALL6 - 30 transmog scrolls
  • SS2NIGHT5 - transmog scrolls
  • DRESSUP650 - transmog scrolls
  • 100CLASS - 100 Class Summon Tickets

Once you've redeemed some codes, check out our Soul Strike! Idle RPG tips and hints guide to get some great tips on making the most of your Soul Strike! experience. New Soul Strike! codes are released via the game’s social media channels. Follow Soul Strike! on Facebook or X (Twitter) to hear about new codes.

About the game

The game, which launched just last month, features rogue-like battles where you’ll battle hundreds of monsters at a time. From vampires and zombies to titans and dragons, you'll fight against a variety of ferocious beasts. With 999 parts you can combine in nearly endless ways, the game allows you to customize your hero. The game features thousands of stages to complete. As you hack and slash your way through hordes of monsters, you’ll earn parts you can use to customize your hero.

Original article by Jack Brassell, updated by Sumant Meena

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