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Soul Strike! Idle RPG tips and hints

Soul Strike! Idle RPG tips and hints

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If you haven't already guessed from its name, Soul Strike! Idle RPG is an action-packed role-playing title (surprise, surprise) in which your hero will - just like in other idle titles - continue to work and make progress through missions even when you're not actively playing.

Your job, then, is to ensure your hero has everything they need to carve their way through endless waves of beasts and other fantasy baddies. The further you advance, the bigger and stronger your foes become, which makes training and enhancing your hero between idle sessions increasingly important.

As you upgrade your champion, you'll unlock different classes and plenty of new skills that allow you to customise your hero to fit your preferred style. Along the way, you'll also gain access to dungeons and other challenges that offer a greater test and even greater rewards.

There's a lot to do and think about in Soul Strike! Idle RPG, so here are three tips to help you get the best possible start with it.

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Tip #1 - Make sure you upgrade everything

There are a few different ways to upgrade your hero and you'll need to pay attention to all of them if you want to create a lean, mean, fighting machine capable of holding their own against hordes of hostile enemies.

The first and most basic of these upgrades is training, which you can access through the upgrade button at the bottom of the screen. These require silver and allow you to boost things like your hero's base attack and defence power, as well as their HP recovery.

Tap on the character button near the bottom of your screen instead and you'll have access to hero classes like witch, alchemist and bounty hunter. You can upgrade each class using experience crystals to further increase your hero's attack and defence stats.

Then there are forms, which are your hero's various skills. To upgrade these you need an item called Origin of the Element. Each form has unique effects, such as skill damage and HP recovery, which increase as you enhance them.

Finally, if you head on over to your inventory, you can equip your hero with soul parts, which are items like armour and weapons. You can't improve these until later on in the game, but they do increase your movement speed and other stats when you equip them, so make sure that you do.

All of the items you need to complete upgrades are earned as you play.

Tip #2 - Take a trip to the dungeons

As previously mentioned, dungeons have to be unlocked, but this happens early on in the game.

Dungeons are timed stages that you can only enter during active play, so don't expect your hero to tackle them if you've left them unattended. Once unlocked, you can access dungeons through the content button near the top-right of your device's screen.

To beat a dungeon and claim its rewards you'll need to ensure that your hero is strong enough to dispatch all of the enemies within it before time expires. The enemies you face in dungeons are stronger than your regular foes, so this isn't an easy task by any stretch, but the rewards, which include large amounts of silver, gold and other important items, make it worth your while.

Any dungeons that you do manage to best can be replayed over and over again, but be prepared to face even stronger baddies in larger numbers every time that you do. It goes without saying that the prizes you earn grow in size, too.

Dungeons are definitely worth your time and attention.

Tip #3 - If it's free be sure to claim it

Soul Strike! Idle RPG is chocked full of daily freebies. Some of these can be redeemed with a click, while others require you to watch an ad that lasts for about 30 seconds.

Either way, freebies are never a bad thing, so be sure to get your grubby mitts on them every day.

If you head to the in-game shop by tapping the icon near the top-right of your device's screen and navigating to the pack section, you'll find your first freebie under the daily tab. It's a pack that features different rewards each day and can include items like summon tickets.

Once you've claimed that, remain in the shop and tap on the normal section. Under the ads tab, you'll find eight more freebies, some of which you can claim twice every day. These include a variety of summon tickets and items that give you silver and experience.

Finally, stay in the normal section but click on the general tab instead to find your last freebie.

If you don't mind watching ads to gain rewards, by the way, it's also important to note that you can watch one to boost all of the rewards your hero earns while you're idle by a massive 50 per cent.

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