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Soul Strike tier list - Characters ranked according to performance

Soul Strike tier list - Characters ranked according to performance

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Updated on May 12th, 2024 - Version: 1.3.8

Are you just starting your adventure and you want to know which are the best characters in Soul Strike? Well then, if that's the case, in this article you will find answers to all of your questions. Below you can find our complete Soul Strike tier list where we rank every character in the game based on their performance.

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Before we go on, I should let you know that the ranking of these characters is based on my personal experience playing the game, as well as data that I've gathered from around the net from the game community. That said, no tier list is absolute. Still, this will give you a pretty good idea of the current meta if you are just starting the game.

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OK, with all that out of the way, let's get into our Soul Strike tier list!

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S-Tier characters

Customising your character in Soul Strike
Ally Element
Charlotte Earth
Scarlet Physical
Yuna Physical
Felino Physical
Sophia Fire
Baine Physical
Vivet Fire
Vivian Earth
Jayna Water
Mona Water
Duke Fire
Violet Wind
Mina Wind
Delia Wind
Inabelle Water
Wraith Earth
Versper Wind

These are the best characters in Soul Strike at the moment, thus, I've put them in the S-Tier. Now, why are they the best, you ask? Because they can get you through every stage of the game. Unlike the characters in the lower tiers who are useful either in the earlier or mid stages of the game, S-Tier ones overperform even in the late game.


Charlotte at the top of the Soul Strike tier list

Charlotte is one of the best damage dealers in Soul Strike. She has amazing AoE damage and can also debuff enemies, reducing their Earth resistance. She can also be somewhat of a second healer thanks to her ability "King Slime", which summons slimes to heal allies.


Felino standing in a black-purple suit

Felino curses enemies, reducing their DEF, and whenever they die, the curse gets transferred to another enemy. He also inflicts a bleed effect that causes enemies to take damage over time.

A-Tier characters

Customising a female character in Soul Strike in a Japanese traditional clothing
Ally Element
Zeros Earth
Ajax Earth
Sylvia Earth
Con Fire
Ellis Physical
Akari Fire
Jerry Physical
Bianca Water
Zion Water
Helena Fire
Nike Wind
Rebecca Wind
Gabriel Wind
Aries Water
Syaoran Fire
Noah Water
Seohyun Physical
Betty Physical
Vesper Wind

A-Tier allies are definitely strong enough to carry you through most of what the game has to offer. Their main difference with the S-Tier allies is that they are more dependent on their synergy with the rest of your team. Regardless, they are very solid options both as support and as damage dealers.


Akari launching a dagger from the sleeve

Akari's skill "Foxfire", gives him the ability to launch a fireball that gradually grows inflicting damage to enemies in an area around it. The longer the battle goes on, the stronger Akari becomes. The fireball inflicts damage over time to enemies affected by it.


Nike holding a big sword in front of him

Nike is known for her ability to cause sustained damage to enemies. Her skill Goddess of Triumph increases Nike's move speed and ATK speed for a period of time.

B-Tier characters

Soul Strike character with Dakkaebi outfit
Ally Element
Elena Fire
Emily Wind
Lingling Earth
Echo Physical
Merina Water
Bruno Earth
Aesfox Fire
Claude Water
Bathory Wind
Claudia Wind
Roy Earth
Kevin Physical
Chloe Physical
Fabien Physical
Grace Physical
Ethan Earth
Lavina Earth

Even though this is our bottom tier, it doesn't mean that the B-Tier allies are THAT bad but, obviously, they do not perform as well as the allies in the tiers above. The thing is, Soul Strike isn't like other games where some characters are completely useless. That said, you should look to replace them with better allies whenever you have the chance to do so.


Roy character that has a golden halo behind him, shooting his pistol

Roy is a Rare Ally who excels at controlling the enemy. Every 15 seconds, he casts Sand Tomb on his last position, slowing every enemy in an area around it. If you have him on the team, make sure to switch his position in order to get the most out of Sand Tomb.


Lingling wielding fiery battons

Even though Lingling isn't the strongest ally, she can still do some damage. Her basic attacks have a chance to cause a heavy blow to the enemy. Still, she is at the bottom of the Soul Strike tier list for a reason - there are much better choices for you.

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