Soul Strike! has released its first update with a tonne of new content

Soul Strike! has released its first update with a tonne of new content
  • New field boss Void Invader Krux joins the fray
  • More skills, allies, and relics added as well
  • The Tower of Trials has also been expanded to 200 floors

After an exciting launch a couple of weeks ago, Com2uS has just dropped the first major content update for Soul Strike!, the studio’s next-generation hack-and-slash idle RPG. This patch brings a lot of content to the already-packed game, introducing a powerful field boss, mythical tier skills, allies, relics and some updates to pre-existing game modes.

What stands out in Soul Strike’s first update is the ferocious field boss, Void Invader Krux. Players can find him 6 times a day in the Conqueror Field where he wreaks immense havoc. The only way to reach this foe is by passing through dimensional rifts that can be accessed using only Void Keys.

Players who are already at an advanced stage will be ranked on the basis of their aggregate score and will be awarded valuable resources such as High-Grade Equipment Synthesis Materials and Soul Parts. In addition, Wandering Merchant Charles will also be giving away rare items like Level 100 Soul Parts.

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The update further expands players’ skillset by introducing new abilities, teammates as well as relics. The Radiant Judgement skill deals immense AoE damage, particularly hurting bleeding enemies more. Mythical tier ally Scarlet rains down on the opposition using her war hammer and mythical tier relic Dark Catalyst inflicts a tonne of physical damage.

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Meanwhile, the Tower of Trials has ascended to a new height, as it now stands tall at 200 floors. The arrival of the Lunar New Year means players can look forward to a Feast as well, which begins on February 7th. Everyone who logs in during the first 7 days will be granted New Year foods that provide various unique buff effects.

Check out all the new content for yourself by downloading Soul Strike! now on your preferred link below. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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