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Sky Fortress Odyssey tier list and reroll guide

Sky Fortress Odyssey tier list and reroll guide

Too many heroes for you to pick in the game, and it's getting too hard? Our tier list is basically a cheat sheet since we have ranked every character.

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Updated on May 12th, 2024 - Version: 1.5.9

Sky Fortress Odyssey is a fantastic fantasy steampunk RPG. It has beautiful anime-style graphics, creative parkour, and bullet-hell gameplay all mashed together. The ancient civilization theme adds intrigue and visual splendour. In many ways, it resides within its paradoxical universe, which takes a good dose of imagination to grasp correctly.

In your side-scrolling sailing adventure, you will be tasked with forming a lineup of five mighty heroes to fight strong foes and bosses, each possessing unique skills, which got us thinking: What are the strongest characters in the Sky Fortress Odyssey? We will get this over quickly to let you know the best heroes to invest in.

If you're a fan of similar games, you'll be happy to know that we have an AFK Journey tier list, then a Soul Knight Prequel tier list where we have explained all of the classes and ranked them, or a Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade tier list if you're a fan of anime games. 

Tier list breakdown

Our tier list will have the strongest heroes at the very top (S-Tier); we have sorted them by role: attack, defence, and support, which you should try to fit into your main lineup if you ever manage to acquire them. Right below, we have the A-Tier, which has slightly inferior characters but they will prove helpful in difficult situations.

Then, we'll move on to the lower tiers, B and C, with the C-Tier having the weakest currently available heroes. We recommend not investing your resources in any characters below B-tier, since chances are you will only use them in the short run anyway. Instead, you can use them until you unlock better characters and swap them out.

So, check out the tier list we've created to learn which characters are worth forming a team around.

Original article by Adam Jami. Updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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S tier

S-tier heroes are the best, offering the most significant advantages. Here are the S-Tier characters you should aim to use in every lineup:

Linsey (Attack)

Linsey character

The adventurer hero Linsey is indisputably one of the finest attack characters, which falls neatly into the S-Tier. Even so, her double appearances reflect two sides of the same coin, where the first image is a bashful and reserved personality. In contrast, the second reflects a flashy, aggressive, and strong-willed one. This audacious figure underpins remarkably overpowered skills.

Linsey accumulates Madness when dealing damage. When reaching 100%, she enters rampage status, which enhances her normal attack skill. Furthermore, her skills differ between her calm and rampage states, giving her routing, AoE, and a devastating finishing blow with her Ultimate.

Newton (Attack)

Newton at the top of the Sky Fortress Odyssey tier list

Another attack hero who stands out is the scholar-class Newton, portrayed as a brilliant and quirky female character with an eccentric sense of style, reflecting her creative and unconventional personality. Newton's attire combines vintage fashion and futuristic elements, blending classic tweed jackets with high-tech accessories. She also confidently tosses an apple up and down, a playful nod to the famous story of Sir Isaac Newton's revelation about gravity.

Along with her brilliance, Newton maintains an interesting skill kit, allowing her to deal explosive AoE damage with a chance to stun enemies. Additionally, her initial effect and awakening skills will enable her to release her attacks twice with a 25% chance (ultimate skill included).

Augus (Attack)

Augus character

The soldier hero, Augus, is an exceptional offensive champion who made it to the top of the Sky Fortress Odyssey tier list. Despite the weariness of age, his eyes still gleam with a fierce determination that commands respect. What truly sets Augus apart is his ability to clad himself in armour, making him much more sturdy and a bruiser-type character that can withstand damage.

His skill stacks on hit, allowing him to gain more power over time, all of that while his patrolling fist hits twice his enemies, applying piercing damage and reducing their damage dealt by 20% for six seconds.

Ling (Defence)

Ling holding a red sword

Ling, manifesting the emperor's will, is the epitome of defence in the soldier hero class. Although there are few defence heroes, acquiring, developing, and awakening them all would be challenging. Still, the shield Ling casts sweetly upon allies grounds it all. A duty to protect people needs an anchor, and her skill set of providing armour, healing HP, and blocking bullets does quite nicely.

Wang Shu (defence)

Wang Shu wielding a huge blue crystal sword

Wang Shu, the scholarly defender, stands as a bastion of resilience, particularly when paired with her sister, Xi He (Attack). Together, they exemplify the power of unity on the battlefield. Her shield deflects damage while boosting her Parry chance, defence, and health, extending these benefits to Xi He. This synergy transforms them into a deadly duo.

Wang Shu's ability to stun enemies adds a disruptive edge to her defensive prowess, earning her a well-deserved place in the S-tier ranks of heroes.

Brynhild (Defence)

Brynhild in a black clothing set, with a massive tower shield and a pistol

In the deadliest and most challenging situation, the defence officer Brynhild sets up the impregnable Aurora wall, casting massive shields to block incoming damage and further increasing the shield boost. Brynhild is a steadfast character that you can count on thanks to her passive parry ability and division growth during the battle.

Hong Kui (Support)

For anyone in a dire, impossible fight, a mere presence of elegance and grace could turn the tide of the battle in their favour. The delicacies prepared by Hong Kui, as she wields a fan with finesse, providing various buffs to her allies, which could be either an ATK or defence increase for six seconds, but that's not all of it; her ultimate increase the whole damage of the lineup by 20%, and her initial effect, along with the awakening, grants an increase in the skill effect by 30% and healing for a randomly chosen ally.

Albert (Support)

Albert is reading a green book

Damage, CD reduction, and healing all swirl happily in the palms of the scholar hero Albert. He stands out in a generation-defining performance of support, with a modest, youthful, and sharp appearance, which is just the tip of the iceberg. Albert's abilities allow him to deal massive damage to enemies while healing allies, providing buffs to the squad, and equally weakening adversaries by reducing their CD reduction and healings.

Sekhmet (Support)

Sekhmet pharaoh and her robot cat

Sekhmet, an Egyptian-themed pharaoh, embodies regal elegance with a whimsical touch and is accompanied by a robotic cat, which may have looked quaint in that era. Sekhmet's specialisation is continuous healing, restoring HP to the weakest ally for 8% of her ATK per second. However, Sekhmet earned a spot in the S-Tier because of her revival ability, which is granted only to the first ally to leave the battlefield due to a severe wound, restoring 40% of his HP.

A tier

While not as powerful as S, heroes in the A-Tier are still robust, making them suitable for various purposes. They are simply in the A-Tier because there's always a superior replacement that could do their role better.

From here, the information will be more concise, highlighting the most crucial points for each hero:

  • Corvus (Attack): Eliminates enemies with low HP while damage increases against targets with low HP.
  • Tsukuyo (Attack): Deals massive damage through regular attacks and channels a stormy combo attack with her ultimate.
  • Adele (Attack): Multi-stage skills trigger massive AoE damage.
  • Lan Ming (Attack): Stacks Ruse to unleash his ultimate skill and deal AoE damage.
  • Freyja (Attack): Attack enemies to drop flames that create fireballs and deal AoE damage.
  • Ethan (attack): Strong attacks that can weaken enemy defences.
  • Gerda (Attack): Deals damage to targets with a chance to root them.
  • Sherlyn (Attack): Locks onto the enemy with the highest ATK, reduces their abilities, and damages them periodically.
  • Xi He (Attack): Burns the enemies with scorching fire and has extra crit.
  • Wiyanna (Defence): Parries and poisons targets and restores HP to herself periodically.
  • Nimo (Defence): Casts massive armour to protect the whole squad.
  • Cesar (Defence): Casts a spiderweb shield to protect the squad.
  • Redhill (Defence): Self-healing abilities and receives more healing at low HP.
  • Keen (Defence): When attacked, it can enhance regular attacks and restore HP, expand a Tide Domain, and amplify the allies within.
  • Lynn (Support): Buffs allies poison damage, continuous healing for the lowest HP ally.
  • Beatrice (Support): Increases the duration of all the debuffs cast by the squad, causing various control effects.
  • Joanna (Support): Increases the ATK and Crit of the ally with the highest ATK.
  • Della (Support): Disarm the enemies and deal more damage to debuffed targets.
  • Tricia (Support): An all-around hero with healing, damage buffing, and control effects.

B tier

Croc is wielding a black mini gun

Heroes in the B-Tier are not the best, but far from the worst. They are suitable for beginners to practice with and can be added to a team when needed for a specific role to be fulfilled.

  • Croc (Attack)
  • Joker (Attack)
  • Vivian (Attack)
  • Wiksa (Attack)
  • Franca (Attack)
  • Hank (Attack)
  • Tiramisu (Defence)
  • Lu An (Defence)
  • Coco (Support)
  • Hermol (Support)
  • Hong Zhu (Support)
  • Marcus (Support)

C tier

Zi Su character with rating and stats

Heroes in the C-Tier are considered the least effective, offering little use in battle. They cannot significantly impact fights, and they are generally not recommended for use.

  • Zi Su (Attack)
  • Bai Bu (Attack)
  • James (Defence)
  • Stinger (Defence)
  • Sadi (Support)
  • Apus (Support)

Sky Fortress Odyssey reroll guide

In Sky Fortress: Odyssey, you can obtain powerful heroes after completing a unique tutorial, specifically after clearing chapter three.

You can sign up for Sky Fortress: Odyssey using various methods, such as Google, Twitter, and Facebook. By registering with different IDs, you can create multiple accounts simultaneously, giving you an advantage in rerolling until you obtain your desired hero.

Reroll Guide for Android and iOS

  1. Open Sky Fortress: Odyssey on your device and log in with each of your Google or Facebook IDs.
  2. Begin the assigned tutorial.
  3. After completing the tutorial, proceed to the Recruit section, where you can summon ten heroes for free.
  4. Feel free to use the accumulated resources (such as diamonds or summon tickets) to summon ten heroes.
  5. You can repeat this process with multiple accounts to obtain your desired hero.

With this, we come to the end of our Sky Fortress Odyssey tier list and reroll guide. Bookmark the page and revisit it now and then as the updates keep rolling out, we will change the character rankings. If you have any thoughts, let's discuss them in the comments below.

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