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AFK Journey tier list (for beta version of the game)

AFK Journey tier list (for beta version of the game)

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Fans of the game will be pleased to know that we have a complete AFK Journey tier list with every character released so far! We played the game during the CBT (Closed Beta Testing) phase to give you our perspective on the meta. If you are starting your adventure in the fantasy world of Esperia, below and in the next pages you will find everything that you need to know.

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About our AFK Journey tier list

Before we move to our AFK Journey tier list, remember that these rankings are based on our experience during the CBT phase. That means our criteria when it comes to our ranking of the characters were a) How easy these heroes can clear game content and b) How easy is it to upgrade them.

When the game gets its official global release, we are going to revisit our lists.

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Character Class Faction
Odie Marksman Mauler
Cecia Marksman Graveborn
Hewynn Support Wilder

The characters above are the best of the best currently. They can tackle everything the game will throw at you and more. On top of that, it's not that hard to get their shards and upgrade them.

All in all, if you have these three, you are more than good to go. But let's talk a bit about each character individually to see why they are so powerful.

  • Oddie: Poison Dart allows Oddie to stack up damage over time. More stacks mean more damage. This ability makes him an amazing character when it comes to bossing among others.
  • Cecia: A Graveborn Marskman who can deal a lot of damage. Her Ultimate move "Queen's Summons" gives Cecia the ability to summon Mr Carlyle who inherits all of Cecia's stats.
  • Hewynn: Hewynn is simply the best healer in the game. That's a good enough reason to put her in SS-Tier as you almost always need to have a healer in your comp.


Character Class Faction
Bryon Marksman Wilder
Lyca Marksman Graveborn
Antadra Tank Mauler
Brutus Warrior Mauler
Granny Dhanie Tank Wilder
Thoran Tank Graveborn
Igor Warrior Graveborn
Carolina Mage Graveborn
Rowan Support Lightbearer

In the whole AFK Journey tier list, these characters are the most sought-after. Why? Because they can help you push levels and compete in the arena, and they are not that hard to upgrade. In many cases, you can even find their shards in the store.

If your team consists of S-Tier characters, you'll coast through the early to mid-game with ease.

  • Thoran: Arguably the best tank in the game, Thoran is a character who can revive himself on death. This ability alone is enough to buy time for the backline to deal damage. Also, he can reflect a portion of the received damage back to the attackers.
  • Carolina: A Graveborn Mage, Carolina is a DPS character who deals a lot of damage to targets under control effects. In the right team, she can be an amazing option for you. On the flip side, you need to be somewhat lucky to get her shards from the banner as they are not available in the store.
  • Antadra: If you are looking for a character to frontline your team, Antadra is a great choice for story mode. She's a pure tank as her skills are focused solely on defense.


Character Class Faction
Lucius Tank Lightbearer
Marilee Marksman Lightbearer
Korin Warrior Lightbearer
Arden Mage Wilder
Mirael Mage Lightbearer
Seth Rogue Mauler
Shakir Rogue Mauler
Viperian Mage Graveborn

A-tier consists of characters that are either very hard to upgrade or are not that useful in various game modes. Or, there can simply be better options. With that said, they are certainly above average and some of them can be great in the very late stages of the game.

  • Korin: Korin is one of these A-Tier characters that can be very very good in the end game. That said, there are better characters to play around during the early and mid stages of the game. He's a melee warrior who brings DPS and tons of CC to the team as he can immobilize and knock back enemies.
  • Marilee: Marilee is a Marksman who can move in any direction and deal damage to the two closest enemies. She's way better in the later stages of the game.
  • Mirael: A Mage of the Lightbearer faction, Mirael needs some time to ramp up her damage. If your team can provide her that time, she's capable of dealing a high amount of damage.


Character Class Faction
Kruger Warrior Maurer
Silvina Rogue Graveborn
Vala Rogue Lightbearer
Valen Warrior Lightbearer
Salazer Rogue Graveborn
Elronn Rogue Wilder
Satrana Mage Mauler
Atalanta Marksman Lightbearer
Damian Support Wilder

B-tier characters are average for the most part. Even though characters in the above tiers are simply better options, B-Tier characters can be useful in specific team comps or game modes.

  • Kruger: Kruger is arguably the best armour debuffer in the game. The problem is, that doesn't mean much. He can be useful in the arena or in certain team comps that are physically damage-based.
  • Damian: Damian is something like a jack of all trades. The only problem is, he doesn't excel at anything. He can be good if you are willing to invest a lot in him. But even then, there are probably better options.
  • Vala: Vala is an assassin with global ultimate range. Can switch between range and melee attack.


Character Class Faction
Casadee Mage Lightbearer
Temesia Tank Lightbearer
Fay Support Lightbearer
Lumont Tank Mauler
Niru Support Graveborn
Parisa Mage Wilder
Walker Rogue Lightbearer

C-tier characters are more like fillers. You shouldn't bother too much with them as there are simply much better options. That said, future game updates might change their potential, so make sure to check back on this page to get the latest AFK Journey tier list.

Since you're probably new to the game, you might want to take a look at the AFK Journey combat guide and AFK Journey beginners guide!

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