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Soul Knight Prequel tier list - What are the best classes?

Soul Knight Prequel tier list - What are the best classes?

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Updated on February 19th, 2024 - Version 1.0.4

The first season of Soul Knight Prequel is out, but which are the best classes in the game? You will find the right class for your playstyle as we present you with the complete Soul Knight Prequel tier list! There's much to learn about each one, and we have explained why we have picked some of them. Of course, meta might change over time, so keep visiting this list every once in a while. 

And if you're a fan of sorting characters and classes, we have plenty of similar content that you can follow. Jujutsu Kaisen Phantom Parade tier list is just one example where we have ranked every sorcerer, and of course, if you love this game, you have probably tried the previous one. So yes, we have a Soul Knight tier list as well. Fa

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Basic Classes

Once you start the game, you select your first basic class. At level 5, you can select your secondary basic class. The combination of your two basic classes will result in your prestige (or combined) and final class.

The basic classes in Soul Knight Prequel are the following:

  • Warrior: "A veteran hardened by countless battles and a master of melee weapons"
  • Archer: "A sharpshooter with uncanny precision and a master of ranged weapons"
  • Tempest Mage: "A mage devoted to harnessing the primal forces of tempest and a master of elemental ice and lightning"
  • Aegis: "Steadfast as a bulwark of iron, Aegises excel in their defensive capabilities"
  • Animancer: Unlocked through the in-game shop
  • Thief: "A silent shadow that waylays foes with devastating bursts of damage"
  • Pyromancer: "An adept seeking the secrets of the elemental fire and a consummate wielder of fire magic"
  • Herbalist: unlocked through the Gold Medallion

With that out of the way, let's move to the Soul Knight Prequel tier list!

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Prestige Class Basic 1 Basic 2
Druid Herbalist Animancer
Shinobi Animancer Thief

At the top of the Soul Knight Prequel tier list, we have the prestige classes of Shinobi and Druid. Pick the one that matches your playstyle better. Both are extremely strong. Keep in mind that these classes require you to have the "Animancer" basic class unlocked first though. That means if you are not willing to top-up real money, you can't have access to them, not as your first characters at least.

"Animancer" can be unlocked by farming blue gems. Exploring and clearing stages will allow you to collect the necessary gems.

The "Herbalist" basic class on the other hand can only be acquired by purchasing the battle pass of the current season.


Prestige Class Basic 1 Basic 2
Wildwalker Warrior Herbalist
Stormshaman Herbalist Tempest Mage
Warliege Warrior Aegis
Bastion Archer Aegis

S-Tier classes are excellent when it comes to pushing through the levels. That said, there are differences when it comes to play style. If you are a beginner, I would recommend you to start with the Warliege class (which was also my first character) as the playstyle is very forgiving.


Prestige Class Basic 1 Basic 2
Farstrider Herbalist Archer
Heretic Animancer Aegis
Elementalist Pyromancer Tempest Mage

A-tier classes are above average. They are for sure viable and they allow you to push levels and compete in the first season of Soul Knight Prequel. That said, depending on your build, you might have to acquire certain modifiers on your gear to speed up your clear speed.


Prestige Class Basic 1 Basic 2
Pyroknight Pyromancer Warrior
Assassin Warrior Thief
Ranger Thief Archer
Stormblade Tempest Mage Thief

B-tier prestige classes are, simply put, average when it comes to pushing levels. It doesn't mean that you won't be able to progress, but that won't be as easy as it would be with one of the classes in the tier above. If you want to challenge yourself and test your skills, picking up one of these classes might be the way for you. That said, I wouldn't recommend picking one of these classes as your starting one.


Prestige Class Basic 1 Basic 2
Artillerist Archer Pyromancer
Soulkeeper Animancer Aegis
Stormwarden Tempest Mage Aegis

These are the worst classes that are at the bottom of the Soul Knight Prequel tier list for a good reason. If you enjoy their playstyle, you can give them a go - but don't expect too much. There are much better options currently. Especially as a new player, it would be better to opt for an SS or S-tier class.

Since you've been so kind to get to the bottom of this list, here are some Soul Knight Prequel codes so you won't miss out on any freebies!

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