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Sea of Conquest codes to get you started on your path to piracy

Sea of Conquest codes to get you started on your path to piracy
Updated on November 28, 2023 - Added new codes

Yarr, mateys - Funplus’ latest game, the pirate mobile MMORPG Sea of Conquest, has just launched. And over the past few days, we’ve had a chance to dive in and find out more about this title. It’s definitely got a lot of personality, but like any upgrade and timer-heavy RPG, there’s a lot of waiting around and time you need to invest.

But why wait? We’ve taken the time to gather the currently available redeem codes that’ll provide you with some boosts to your pirate coffers to get you started on your path to nautical success. These are all tested and currently working as of the time of writing, so try them out, and if they don’t work then let us know in the comments!

How to use codes in Sea of Conquest

Like many other mobile games, it can be a bit fiddly to find where to redeem your codes. For Sea of Conquest codes, you need to tap your character’s picture which will unfurl the menu with items like seasons, guilds and whatnot. At the bottom, you’ll see a Gear icon which will take you to settings, where you can find the Redeem Codes button. You’ll need to manually claim your rewards from your post (the opened letter icon on the main screen) to add these supplies though.

Sea of Conquest Active Codes & Rewards

  • RUMGRUBFEAST (Valid till November 30)
  • SOC777
  • MEBOOTY - 1k Iron, 1 Echo Conch, 10k Iron, 20k Wood
  • SEAOFCONQUEST - 3 5m Speedups, 1k Iron, 1 Echo Conch, 2k Wood

Expired codes

  • DISCORDYOHOHO (Expires November 22)
  • PROGRESSCELEBRATION (Expires November 19)
  • SPOOKYSHIP2023 - Was only active for Halloween

Unlike some other games such as Reverse: 1999, we haven’t noticed any gifts related to social media milestones. However in-game, at least in the early stages, there’ll be fairly generous gifts for passing milestones that should keep your head above water (pun intended). Just remember to watch assets such as supplies!

Assets like Iron and Wood are necessary for building your ship, while Echo Conchs let you get some free summons to build out your crew. Meanwhile, your Speedups can help to reduce the time waiting for construction, although you can also use Emeralds for that purpose as well.

You’ll also naturally have log-in rewards and daily gifts to keep you engaged, and with the help of these codes - if you play it smart - you should be able to avoid paying too much of your own cash to conquer the seas. With Sea of Conquest, there’s a definite character to this nautical adventure, whatever issues with grinding it may have, but if you’re a fan of piracy on the high seas and want it in the palm of your hand, you could do far worse.

Other codes:

Original article by Iwan Morris, updated by Sumant Meena
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Iwan Morris
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