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Reverse: 1999 tier list for currently available characters

Reverse: 1999 tier list for currently available characters

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Updated on November 27th, 2023 - Version 1.1.0

Bluepoch’s latest RPG, the mind-bending, time-twisting Reverse: 1999, offers a whole host of characters for you to unlock and recruit into your party, starting off with APPLe and Sonetto, who you’ll go through the early chapters with. But, with any stacked roster, there are also characters that are likely to be lacklustre, especially in a team and strategy-focused game like Reverse: 1999.

Fortunately, Reverse: 1999 does have a very elegant - you might almost say minimalist - approach to the strategy with a rock-paper-scissors focus on damage and buffs. This helps focus where we place characters, even if some placements are still debated.

So, we’ve compiled the Reverse: 1999 tier list in one place so that you can get an idea of where the characters currently stand in terms of performance. This is based on what players have been saying now, but bear in mind that this early in release, it’s likely that things are going to change as people get to grips more with the characters on offer.

Original article by Iwan Morris. Updated by Mihail Katsoris. 
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S Tier

Dikke character
  • An-An Lee
  • Bkornblume
  • Centurion
  • Dikke
  • Eternity
  • Medicine Pocket
  • Voyager
  • Sonetto
  • Regulus

It’s worth noting for the Reverse: 1999 tier list that the placements of Sonetto and Regulus, two characters that appear very prominently in the early parts of the story of Reverse: 1999, are highly contentious, with them switching tiers quite often - and Regulus even ending up in the lower tiers. But, given their good performance broadly speaking as well as how early they’re accessible, and how they’re sustainable even into the late game, we think it’s worth placing these two in the same tier.

A Tier

Reverse 1999 tier list - Bette character
  • A Knight
  • Baby Blue
  • Balloon Party
  • Bette
  • Charlie
  • Druvis III
  • Eagle
  • Erick
  • La Source
  • Oliver Fog
  • Tennant

Quite a few of the characters in A tier perform very well in the early game but become lacklustre near the end. As we noted, Regulus is usually placed here, however, her late-game performance compared to some that dip significantly is worth putting her up a tier in our opinion.

B Tier

Twins Sleep characters
  • APPLe
  • Click
  • Leilani
  • Lilya
  • Matilda
  • Mondlicht
  • Necrologist
  • Pavia
  • The Fool
  • Twins Sleep
  • X
APPLe is a character you’ll likely be quite familiar with by the time you finish the early parts of the story. Matilda is likely to be one of the first additions to your Crew, and while they’re both perfectly serviceable, they don’t really impress, which is what B-tier is all about. APPLe for example mainly functions as an easy way to build out your team rather than a character to focus on, although their healing for low-health allies is a neat addition.

C Tier

  • Cristallo
  • Ms. Newbabel
  • Nick Bottom
  • Rabies
  • Satsuki
  • Sotheby
  • Sweetheart
  • Зима (Zima)

Coming into C Tier, we can see a number of characters with much more focused abilities. Rabies, Satsuki and Sweetheart, for example, focus on the Poison, Petrify and Daze respectively. All of these have their niche; however, this also means that their general utilisation is not great for players focused on optimising their teams.

D Tier

  • aliEn T
  • Darley Clatter
  • Door
  • Mesmer Jr.
  • Ms. Moissan
  • Poltergeist

It’s worth noting that, even as we get into the lower tiers, the old adage of “Play it your way” holds true. Reverse: 1999’s biggest strength is arguably its unique setting, story, and characters, and you shouldn’t feel constrained to playing characters that are mechanically efficient. Really, most of the characters on this list are viable for casual play, but this is mainly for optimising your chosen build. aliEn T for example has some interesting abilities, but their taunt isn't matched by damage and other abilities that higher-tier characters like The Fool can more consistently deliver.

E Tier

Screenshot from Reverse 1999 showing TTT
  • Bunny Bunny
  • John Titor
  • Ms. Radio
  • Sputnik
  • TTT

It’s slightly underwhelming that we see John Titor in this tier so much, as their design and inspiration - based on a time-traveller hoax from early internet forums - is quite a fascinating one. And PC nerds will likely get a kick out of seeing them lugging around an IBM 5100 computer. But, with only reality damage and a self-healing ability - despite them not being a lynchpin for a team - they don't manage to do much to distinguish themselves.

F Tier

Onion character holding a number
  • Onion

It’s worth noting that a few publications have folded Onion into other tiers. But we thought it was a little too appropriate for this rather odd-looking character to have a tier to themselves, even if that tier is at the bottom. Their lacklustre abilities and relative rarity make them the most common choice for the very bottom of the Reverse: 1999 tier list. Onion does have some interesting potential for up to a 90% boost to damage with their abilities, but this requires enemies to already be in a near-death state, and both damage and buffs offered by their skillset are done better by other characters.

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