Royal Match is a record setter for revenue jumps as it hits $3bn in only five months

Clash of Clans was the previous record holder

Royal Match is a record setter for revenue jumps as it hits $3bn in only five months
  • Royal Match isn't just a hit title with players, it's also raking in the dough
  • The match-three game hit a new record for revenue
  • It's gone to $3bn even faster than Supercell's Clash of Clans

Royal Match, the hit match-three from DreamGames, has broken the record for revenue, leaping from $2bn to $3bn in just five months; beating out previous record-holder Clash of Clans which took six months to do so. That's according to new research from analytics firm, who shared how the Turkish studio shattered the previous record.

Of course, it's still not close to matching (pun intended) the revenue of that old heavyweight Candy Crush Saga, which reportedly rakes in over $2bn a year. But for match-three fans who have gotten used to the market remaining pretty static, does this mean their favourite puzzler is on the way to being dethroned?

Royally rich

This new record is also a major reward for developer DreamGames, the studio is based in Turkiye, which has become a major powerhouse for mobile game development. There are dozens of developer based there and many think that Turkiye is going to be the new 'go-to' spot for mobile games in the future, with the likes of Honor of Kings hosting major esports invitationals in the country to boot.

And while puzzle games, previously mobile's biggest genre, have fallen by the wayside somewhat, it's worth pointing out that other hit titles like Genshin Impact (which took seven months to hit that amount) can't measure up to Match. Does this mean that puzzlers are making a comeback? Only time will tell.

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