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Tower of God New World tier list

Tower of God New World tier list

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Updated on November 27th, 2023 - Version 1.03.00

Get the most accurate tier list for Tower of God New World here as we rank all the currently available characters in the game. With more characters being added consistently to the Idle RPG, we would advise readers to bookmark the page and re-visit once new characters are added or existing ones are re-balanced after a patch.

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Best characters in Tower of God

This tier list is made for the purpose of finding the best characters in the game and ranking them in a classic tier-list fashion, consisting of multiple tiers. Each tier signifies the individual standings of the characters placed inside it.

Tower of God tier list is formed by taking into account different crucial factors, such as base rarity, base stats, abilities, exclusive equipment, team-building, power levels, and general sentiment for the character in the community. The inherent nature of tier lists is subjective and not definitive; hence, we would advise players to use their own sound judgment while taking the rankings in this tier list as a point of reference.

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S Tier Characters

This tier holds some of the strongest characters in the game, which will definitely make your entire team shine. They are generally regarded as the most lucrative of the bunch

  • Evan Edrok (Fast Ship)
  • Karaka (Steel Armored)
  • Zahard (Data)
  • Yihwa Yeon (Flame User)
  • Hwaryun (Destined Guide)
  • Evankhell (Hellfire)
  • Khun Mascheny (Data)
  • Khun Mascheny (Lightning Spear)

Evan Edrok stands out as one of the best characters in the game, and most likely the best Support character at the time of writing. He has the unique ability to provide the Immortality buff to all allies, making it impossible for them to die while it’s active and granting them some of their lost HP back when the buff ends. Evan alone can help you climb a lot of floors in the tower due to his capability to stall enemies. Evan also recovers all ally HP and cleanses debuffs from them too. Additionally, for each enemy with debuffs on the battlefield, he gains extra energy to cycle between his ultimate abilities.

Zahard is a unique character, combining both defensive as well as offensive capabilities with his versatile skill set. He is touted to be one of the best characters in the game, being designated with the coveted SSR+ rarity tag. Zahard can be quite tough to hit, due to his passive ability which provides him with an innate Evasion boost. Furthermore, each time he evades, he counters the enemy with a sharp attack dealing tons of damage. His ultimate ability lets him switch between 3 forms – Lecalicus, Coelacanth, and Leviathan. Each form cements his role further as a top-tier attacker, with the ability to knock down enemies, and pierce the defense of enemies, all the while granting himself the Immortality buff.

A Tier Characters

This tier has very strong characters that have the potential to move up to even S-tier with a few tweaks to their skills.

  • [Young Girl] Rachel
  • [Princess] Endorsi
  • [Tactician] Lero Ro
  • [Dark Abyss] Ghost
  • [Insightful One] Laure
  • [Strategist] Khun Aguero
  • Khun Kiseia (Assassin)
  • [Red Wings] Amigocharz
  • [Deep-Sea Fish] Hansung Yu
  • [Gamer] Khun Hatzling
  • [Proud Waves] Lozeal
  • Khun Ran (Lightning Pill)
  • [Red Rose] Ha Yuri
  • [Black March] Bam
  • [Anima] Narae Seonwoo
  • [Forever Prepping] Wangnan Ja

Wangnan Ja is straight up the best damage dealer in the entire game, at least for the early-mid game level. He is an SSR rarity character, making him not easy but not difficult to obtain either. Wangnan Ja grants himself with important damage dealing buffs such as increased critical hit chance and increased critical hit damage before also cleansing any fear debuffs from him. Wangjan Ja is perhaps most notorious for his heavy damage dealing AOE-targeted bombs that deal increased damage to enemies who were hit with a critical hit.

Khun Hatzling, the magical SSR damage dealer has created his own niche usage in any team formation he is added to. His unique active ability Exploit can pierce through targets Defense while also exploding upon being hit. The explosion deals a huge amount of AOE-damage to surrounding enemies. His passive ability Blueberry 13 is a stackable combo hitter that deals increased damage according to the number of enemies hit. The overall damage dealt by Khun Hatzling can be doubled according to his ATK coefficient, making him a great option to choose in drawn-out fights.

B Tier Characters

Some characters can be exceptionally useful in some areas of the game, and so they are placed in this tier. Otherwise, in a general scenario, they are quite average relatively.

  • [Wings of Destruction] Horyang Kang
  • [Hunter] Rak
  • [Disruptor] Kurdan
  • [Bora Bora] Prince
  • [Blooming Flower] Miseng Yeo
  • [Doctor] Michael
  • [Black Fish] Quant
  • [Speedster] Edin Dan
  • [One-eyed Wolf] Blarode
  • Khun Edahn (Data)
  • [Arsonist] Quaetro
  • [Black Horn] Arkraptor
  • [Dual Swords] Hatz
  • [Green April] Anaak

Horyang Kang is an SSR Defender that excels at being a frontline tank for the team. The only reason he is paced in B-tier is due to his limited usage as a tanker, and not being able to provide additional support for the rest of the team members. Fulfilling his role, Horyang Kang’s active ability Indomitable Will makes him immune to status effects, along with increasing his Physical and Magical resistance. His ultimate ability Transform Wing: Shield is a great lifesaver as he rushes to the ally with the lowest HP, knocking down all enemies in his path, and granting a huge Shield buff equal to a certain percentage of his HP to himself and his ally.

Anaak is an SSR character that is classified as a Warrior in-game. She is available to be recruited via an initial purchase but is also unlockable via the innate gacha system. Anaak is often rated low on tier lists due to her low damage multipliers on her abilities. Also, the fact that all of her abilities are single-targeted and pose a threat to the rest of her allies. Hatz simply outshines her in damage-dealing capabilities while fulfilling the same role.

C Tier Characters

Characters in this tier are naturally considered bad and we would advise using them for long-term progression due to their limitations.

  • [Yellow Feathers] Gyetang
  • [Deadly Martial Arts] Shibisu
  • [Knight] Cheonhwa Hong
  • [Rapper] Dede Cancho
  • [Godfather] Lurker Kim
  • [Slugger] Leeron 3
  • [Flail] Tin
  • [South Wind] Chungchung
  • [Void] Grey
  • [Thief] Serena
  • [Red Lighthouse] Apple
  • [Imugi] Changsoo Yeon

Shibisu is a decent Supporter, but should be removed as soon as you get better characters to replace him with in your formations. He can grant extra Physical and Magical resistance to the ally with the lowest HP and then focus all ally attacks toward a single enemy. If the focused enemy is defeated, Shibisu gains a full energy bar to rinse and repeat. Sadly, this move gets pretty self-harming at harder stages due to not being able to target a particular enemy with the ability.

Cheonhwa Hong is another decent Assassin-type SSR character in this tier that can hold his weight up to Tower Floor 6-7. He gets majorly outshined by Hatz, another popular Assassin from the SSR rarity group. Cheonhwa Hong’s special move Narumada, Ignition! has the highest single target damage multiplier out of all the characters. Sadly, the rest of his skills are quite mediocre, only providing selfish gains such as self-HP leech buff and Provoke debuffs on enemies.

D Tier Characters

  • [Challeneger] Leo
  • [Dark Spirit] Katan
  • [Man of Virtue] Hyun Seoung
  • [One Strike] Super Dude
  • [Honorable Brother] Noma
  • [Gemmed Rings] Yeongsuk
  • [One-Eyed Swordsman] Deod
  • [Sniper] Levin
  • [Guns Akimbo] Chichi
  • [Four-eyed Swordsman] Palgyeon
  • [Prophet] Shopin
  • [Dual Swords] Kon
  • [Grey Needle] Ryan
  • [Pink Knit Sweater] Goseng Yeo
  • [Spear Thrower] Mauchi

In the end we have the lowest tier on the whole Tower of God tier list. Out of the above-mentioned characters, not a single one stands out as someone to look forward to building and using in your team. They are all having low base stats, bad abilities, and no synergy with other characters in the game. Use them for collector’s purposes, as even with duplicates they won’t be able to shine in any team composition.

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