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Roblox: Ultimate Tower Defense tier list

Roblox: Ultimate Tower Defense tier list

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Updated on November 12th, 2023

Ultimate Tower Defense is one of the most popular tower defense games on Roblox. In this article, we rank the best characters/towers in the game based on their overall effectiveness and place in the metagame. Whether you are a new or a returning player, our tier list will help you figure out which are the best towers that you should invest your resources in.

Obviously, no tier list is absolute. Everyone has their own personal preferences and playstyle. That said, we tried our best to remain objective when ranking the towers. We took a number of factors into consideration such as characters' damage output, range, and overall abilities. The best characters have been placed in the S-Tier, while the weakest ones are in the C-Tier.

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With all that out of the way, let's get into our Ultimate Tower Defense tier list!

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S Tier

Name Rarity
Thanos Godly
Blue Drago Godly
Anyah Godly
Jotaro Kujoa Godly
Gaara Godly
Crimson Doflamingo Godly
Greybeard Divine
Todoroki Divine
Blackbeard Divine

S-Tier towers are the crème de la crème, offering immense power and versatility. They excel in both offense and defense, making them a staple in any strategy. These towers often have unique abilities that can clear waves of enemies effortlessly. Their placement can result in a significant impact on the game, making them essential for achieving high scores or reaching end-game challenges.

A Tier

Name Rarity
Bulma Godly
Tanjiro Godly
Colosal Godly
Madika Godly
Berserk Gus Godly
Dr.Joterio Divine
Whis Divine
Tanjiro Godly
Luffy Gear 4 Godly
Kid Naruto Godly
Dio Divine
Rage Draco Godly

A-Tier towers are no slouch either. They possess considerable power and can significantly contribute to the success of your defense. While not as game-changing as S-Tier towers, they still provide a robust foundation for your strategy. A-Tier towers are reliable in taking down enemies, and their abilities can turn the tide of a battle. When combined with other towers strategically, they can form a formidable defense that is difficult to breach.

B Tier

Name Rarity
Muzan Godly
Eato Divine
Raruto Six Paths Divine
Rieza Godly
Madika Godly
Renjae Godly
Lite Divine
Diavolo Godly
Monkey Godly

B-Tier towers are solid additions to any tower defense lineup. While they may not possess the same raw power as the previous tiers, they often offer unique abilities or have synergistic effects with other towers. B-Tier towers work well in specific situations or with specific strategies, making them valuable assets for experienced players who understand when and how to best utilize them

C Tier

Name Rarity
Lite Divine
Super Drago Divine
Rengo Divine
Armored Titan Godly
Bomb Guy Godly
Nagato Godly
Goku Black Rose Divine
Sasuke Godly
Car-4 Godly
Gojo Godly

C-Tier towers are average in terms of power and utility. They can still contribute effectively in the earlier waves or against weaker enemies, but their effectiveness tends to wane as the game progresses. C-tier towers often lack the unique abilities or scalability of higher-tier towers, making them less desirable for advanced players. However, they are crucial in the early stages of the game for establishing a baseline defense.

Keep in mind, that the Ultimate Tower Defense tier list is not set in stone, and personal preference and playstyle can influence tower selection. Experimenting with different combinations of towers and finding synergies among them can often lead to success. Also, new game updates and character releases might very well affect the balance of power. Make sure to check back on this page to get the latest Ultimate Tower Defense tier list!

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