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Escape the Darkness codes to get free shards

Escape the Darkness codes to get free shards
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Update: No New codes have been released in the last 1 year. Hence we have decided to retire this article.

We have compiled a list of all active Escape The Darkness codes that you can use to get free shards and other in-game rewards.

We have also recently posted a few other Roblox codes including the Legend Piece codesTapping Legends X codes and Pop It Trading codes, but there are also ones that are much older and we are still updating them, so they are all up-to-date.

Currently working Escape the Darkness codes

  • Deeter - Use this code to get 250 Shards
  • TeraBrite - Use this code to get 250 Shards
  • Russo - Use this code to get 250 Shards

Expired Codes

  • happy-easter - Use this code to get 300 Shards and a 150% XP booster
  • WELCOME-BACK - Use this code to get 300 Shards
  • 10000LIKES - Use this code to get 150 Shards
  • 5000-LIKES - Use this code to get 150 Shards

Don't forget to bookmark this post and visit frequently to find new Escape the Darkness codes before others, as we will keep updating it regularly with new codes as and when they are released.

How to redeem Escape the Darkness codes?

Redeeming Escape the Darkness codes for free rewards is a pretty simple process. But if you haven't used codes before in Escape the Darkness, don't worry. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to do it:

  • Open Escape the Darkness and wait for it to load
  • On the main menu, choose and enter the store
  • Copy and paste any of the active Escape the Darkness codes from above in the text area located at the top
  • Click on redeem button located right beside the text box (do note that pressing enter does not work in this game)

Escape the Darkness code redeem screenshot

About Escape The Darkness

Escape The Darkness is a popular Roblox horror game developed and published by Bitware. In Escape The Darkness, you either play as a survivor or a killer. As a survivor, you have to hide from the killer, save your teammates and escape together, while as a killer, you have to try to take down as many players as you can before they can get away.

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