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Road Redemption Mobile review - "Road rage in your pocket"

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| Road Redemption
Road Redemption Mobile review - "Road rage in your pocket"
| Road Redemption

In populated areas, you could argue that cars take up more space than people, which is why motorcycles are a prime choice for weaving through traffic. There's a whole culture surrounding these vehicles, including one filled with action, adrenaline, and chaos. This can be found in Road Redemption by EQ Games and Pixeldash Studios, which has become available as Road Redemption Mobile. Take to the wild open roads filled with a surprising number of cars, but dominated by the roving biker gangs of the region. Only by being fast and tough can you hope to reach the end of the road safely.

Why seek Road Redemption?

Road Redemption Mobile combat

Stories about biker gangs are frequently depicted in regions that are barren so they can be more believably lawless. This is exactly the setting for Road Redemption, and makes for a sensible backdrop based on what happens. It's a period where there is no peace among biker gangs, and news reaches all of them that an unknown assassin has killed the leader of one of the biggest cartels. In response, the cartel has placed a huge bounty on the assassin's head, and now, each gang is racing to claim it. As a member of the Jackal gang, it falls on you to get there first.

Driving fast on Road Redemption

Bikers fighting in the game

It's never easy to translate a larger game to a smaller platform, which is why it takes some creative thinking. In the case of Road Redemption, it also takes some creative driving, which it pulls off well. This is a fast-paced roguelite that feels good to try over and over again. It essentially comes down to skill and speed, something you can control with and without upgrades. There are risks in being very aggressive as well as being too passive. It's all about finding the balance that works best for you and then reaping the rewards of your actions. Even if you get sent back to the start, the race back to where you left off is exciting.

For fans of the genre:

The mobile version has managed to bring all the trademark elements of the original, making for a very full experience. There are several types of weapons you can use, each having perfect situations or delivering some devastating overkill. The feeling of clashing with other bikers has a definite impact which adds to the engagement. It ramps up when you fight more than one, but you soon look forward to these scenarios for greater action and loot. The number of bikes you can choose, the different riders, the upgrades between levels, and the skill tree are all icing on the motorcycle-shaped cake.

Dangerous curves on Road Redemption

Gameplay of Road Redemption Mobile

The need for speed is a powerful thing, but it also leads to a ton of accidents. Road Redemption can't avoid some of the problems it crashes into during gameplay. The biggest is the control scheme. The main menu flashes a very noticeable recommendation for a gamepad and it is not without reason. However, if you don't have one, then you have to make do with the onscreen controls. They just simply aren't responsive enough with both the slide controls and analog stick feeling loose at best, which is not great considering how many sharp turns you'll need to make.

In terms of technical elements, it's a very demanding game. If you don't have the latest model phone, you'll need to run on the lowest graphical setting to minimize lag. This makes it look like you're controlling a discontinued action figure through waves of fake cars made of crate paper. There's also a chance the textures won't load properly and you'll be left to gaze at the bright and garish multi-coloured hills.

On the Road Redemption again

Road Redemption Mobile is a 3D motorcycle roguelite mobile game about taking down bikers as you race to collect a bounty. It offers plenty of excitement and action, and makes up for repeated runs with its speed and variety. You'll still need a gamepad and a strong phone to play it properly, though. Barring that, you can load it up on BlueStacks to seek some much-needed redemption on the road.

Road Redemption Mobile review - "Road rage in your pocket"

The rage of Road Redemption brings a lot of action and intensity to mobile at the cost of control options and proper rendering.
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