Pokemon Sleep gets small update adding Raikou with Suicune and Entei soon to follow

Pokemon Sleep gets small update adding Raikou with Suicune and Entei soon to follow
  • Raikou will arrive in March
  • Suicune and Entei are set to follow next
  • The Pokemon Sleep app helps track your sleeping habits

Quirky sleep tracking app-slash-game Pokemon Sleep is set to add three new Pokemon to its lineup, starting with classic Lightning Type Raikou. All three of these will be encountered as part of the usual attraction of Pokemon seen in the app. As Raikou arrives in March with Suicune and Entei set to arrive later this year.

Pokemon Sleep attempts to encourage players to improve their sleeping habits. You're gifted a Snorlax as part of the game, and your job is to feed and care for it while also tracking its resting habits alongside your own. Based on how you sleep during the night, recorded by your phone or the Pokemon Go Plus+ peripheral.

We've heard mixed reports as to how Pokemon Sleep helps people doze off regularly, but one thing's for sure and that's if you're looking to acquire new Pokemon in yet another mobile game then this is the health app for you. The Pokemon Presents showcase was a major wellspring of new mobile titles and updates for the Pokemon brand, and we're excited to see what comes next. We've already seen updates for Pokemon Unite and Pokemon GO, as well as the debut of the legendary Trading Card Game which is finally coming to phones.

You can check out the teaser trailer for Raikou above!

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Iwan Morris
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